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Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

Taking a broken car and a broken crop, in a state that imports nearly 90% of it's food, Anna chose to use her life to investigate what one person could do for food security. Lacking infrastructure and guidance, Anna decided to teach herself.

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Her farming efforts have been featured in Edible Hawaiian Islands, Hana Hou, Heirloom Gardener, and EatingWell magazines, and the Baker Creek catalogs. She has overcome a fear of public speaking so to support the cause, and hasn’t stopped talking since. Anna has taken to the airwaves on Hawaii Public Radio’s The Conversation, The Organic Gardener Podcast, and created an instructional squash growing episode for the Na Leo television channel.  One year into her farming, she gave her first speach at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA, and continues to participate as a presentation speaker, educator, and grower every year since.  Spring finds her in the Ozarks where she is a presentation speaker at the Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Missouri headquarters. Proudly, she and her squash have been hugged by nearly every 5 year old for miles. When she isn’t planting, harvesting, or delivering squash, she runs her own kitchen trials and shares the results through her farm blog www.squashandawe.com . Anna will be representing her adopted state of Hawaii in Turin, Italy as a USA Delegate for Terra Madre 2016.


Anna created what she considers a “worst case scenario farm” and became a self-taught plant breeder, rare plant grower, commercial no-till farmer, mechanic, chef advisor, and farmer advocate, so to illustrate what one person can do to shape the future of food.  Squash and Awe is her ¼ acre farm on the side of a volcano on the island of Hawaii, where she creates soil from local restaurant and brewery waste.  Her work illustrates possibility, by creating living examples that sustainably combat poor soil, multi decade drought, and some of the toughest agricultural pests in the world. 

Currently Presenting: What I Wish I Knew Then:  The First Three Years Farming

How could an oversized vegetable and an undersized car have helped to bridge gaps in an agricultural community? Anna shares her often humorous path to possibility by illustrating the lessons learned by risking failure in every aspect of her squash farm.  Her willingness to step in and look for solutions helped her to eventually earn the respect of her commercial farming neighbors. By embracing failure, and then understanding it fully, her efforts became encouraging, living examples of the importance of seed diversity, all grown while her town was focused on impossibility.


Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii

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Heirloom Festival

Tami from Paso Robles - 09/06/2016 15:56:49

Great speaker. Interesting presentation on how she started her farm in Hawaii and what she uses to propagate new vegetables. Also interesting to learn her business practices to keep farm productive.

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Heritage seed conference

kathy maddux from Honolulu - 04/21/2016 03:34:38

..Anna was great. i had not met her before hand but had heard a lot about this funny lady from the Big Island. Her talk was so inspiring; i wanted to rush back to Hawaii and implement some of her techniques and order squash seeds!! I am very grateful to have met Anna . She is truely an inspiration..and a lively and engaging speaker

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