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Bruce Zaretsky is the co-owner of Zaretsky and Associates, a landscape design, installation and consulting firm in Penfield, New York, and co-founder of Project Scion, Coming to a Vacant Lot near You.

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Bruce Zaretsky is the co-owner of Zaretsky and Associates, a landscape design-installation and consulting firm in Penfield (NY).  His company has garnered dozens of national and local awards for their innovative landscape design, environmental leadership and ethical business practices.  With over 30 years experience in landscape design and installation, Bruce also works as the landscape consultant to the Town of Penfield working with developers to ensure that the beauty of the town is preserved.  Bruce writes numerous articles for national trade magazines such as American Nurseryman, WaterShapes and The Journal of Light Construction.  In 2011 Bruce co-founded Project Scion, an initiative in Rochester to revitalize inner city neighborhoods through gardens and art.  In his spare time, he enjoys teaching courses on landscape design and installation at horticultural education facilities, such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Ohio State University Short Course Program, Iowa State University Tree Conference and at other landscape and pool conferences.


The Lawn Goodbye: The Lawn-free Landscape

Lawns suck.  Water, lots of water.  And fertilizers. And chemicals. And let’s not forget all that mowing.  Let’s stop the madness.   Come explore alternatives to these enormous wastes of resources and energy. Just imagine: meadows filled with flowers. And butterflies. And birds.  Without fertilizers.  And chemicals.  And even water!


How Green Are You? Sustainability in the “Green” Industry

The landscape industry is the real “green industry”.  Oh, really? As landscape designers, we should have green flowing though our veins.  But in the name of landscape design and installation, are we doing more harm than good?  This talk will explore where we excel, where we fail and where we can be better: from proper plant choices to sourcing materials to water conservation and more.  Let’s be better for our clients, for our companies and for the planet.


Doctor’s Orders: Take a Walk (in the Garden!)

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. Well, they’re wrong: it’s gardens! Why?  Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Gardens are beautiful. They are pleasant to look at and be in.  They make us feel better.  But did you know that they can actually help us to physically heal faster, too?  Find out why. Come with Dr. Bruce on an exploration of gardens as healing devices, and find out why your love of the garden will keep you healthy in body as well as mind. We’ll explore numerous gardens and see why they are truly the best medicine.


Gardens for the 21st Century: Green Roofs, Rain Gardens and Water Conservation

Like it or not, we’ve entered a new era in garden design.  The best designs for the 21st century will not only be beautiful, but they’ll also be practical.  They’ll clean our water.  Feed our populations.  Insulate our buildings.  And did we say they’ll also be beautiful?  Let’s take a tour of 21st century garden design, incorporating rooftop gardens, green walls and rain gardens, and see what the future holds!


Rain Gardens 

Did you know that the removal of wetlands around New Orleans contributed to Katrina's devastation? Wetlands clean our water and protect us from flooding. Learn how you can build your own personal wetlands, also know as rain gardens, and actually create less work for yourself in the process! We'll review the installation of a large rain garden in the Town of Penfield, New York, and discuss ways to build your own


Green Roofs

Welcome back to the future! From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Scandinavia to Germany to the United States, green roofs have played an important role in protecting homes and buildings. Now, for many more reasons, including water capture and reduction of heat in urban areas, green roofs are an integral part of garden and building design. Let's explore the reasons why, and tour some wonderful examples from the past as they inspire the future.

A New Stone Age: Rock and Stone in the Landscape

I admit it: I’m a rockhead! And after this seminar, you will be one, too.  We’ll explore the history of stone work, how to use stone in landscape design, and how to specify, acquire and build with it. And, of course, we’ll look at dozens of projects large and small that will show how wonderful a properly designed and installed stone project can be.


Inspire Me! Ideas and Inspirations in Garden Design

Don’t take landscape design too seriously!  Have fun!  Relax!  And while you’re at it, create inspiring and fun gardens.  This presentation is simply a show and tell: we’ll look at various projects and discuss the inspiration for them, as well as coming up with new ideas in garden design.   We’ll include numerous ways to get inspired, from other designers, publications, nature and even your own brain! A fun talk that focuses on the fun that is landscape design.


Light Up Your Life: How to Create a Magical Nighttime Landscape.

Nightlighting is one of the fastest growing segments of the landscape industry. So what?  More importantly, nightlighting extends the use of gardens for our clients. And it’s dramatic beyond words, especially when we use it to completely change the garden after dark. This presentation will focus on how to practically and creatively design and install lighting to complement your garden designs. A Part Two of this talk explains in detail the proper design and installation of landscape lighting.


This is a Holdup: Building Retaining Walls to Last

A retaining wall has singular purpose: to hold things up.  If a wall fails, whatever it was holding up comes tumbling down, including planting beds, patios, driveways, pools, garages and even houses!  Build them right the first time and you’ll never hear the dreaded words: “You know that wall you built that used to hold up my deck…”  Come to this workshop and learn to build them right.


Based in the Finger Lakes and Rochester, New York

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