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Gardens shouldn't be boring and neither should garden programs. Frank is entertaining and knowledgeable. He covers many topics: edibles, foraging, chickens, deer solutions and more. Learn more in Chickens, Hobby Farm, Organic Gardening and NYTimes.

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Introduction to Mushroom Foraging

Luke Smith from NC - 01/29/2017 20:21:53

Frank knows his stuff, sure. But more than that, he makes it even more interesting than it already is. He's quick with a joke or a story, and he is very open to questions from the audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Frank and I will personally be attending more of his classes.I feel lucky to have such a resource nearby.

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Mushroom and Foraging Dinner

claudia cooper from durham - 10/24/2015 13:30:11

Frank was our guest speaker at our annual mushroom dinner at Guglhupf Cafe & Restaurant. He is an incredible engaging speaker and not only was it very informative but his personal tails frequently had dinner guests burst out in laughter. Overall it was a great evening, enjoyed by all and I really think everyone walked away very encouraged and armed with all the information needed to embrace their 'inner forager'!

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Rainwater Workshop

Christelle Siohan from Chapel Hill - 09/09/2015 15:29:25

Frank prepared a great workshop on rainwater harvesting & mulching! I walked away with enough knowledge to implement everything myself on my own. He readily answered questions, and even provided a lovely lemonade break for us! I would definitely attend another one of his workshops, he has great energy!

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KDI - Foraging and Feasting For Chefs

Dorette Snover from Chapel Hill - 03/10/2015 16:43:24

Frank was dynamic and personable. He even had to deal with no power to show his slide show, but it never fazed him. In fact, it made him funnier. Learned alot and tasted very intriguing "new" and foraged foods.

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CFSA Conference, Greenville, SC

James R. Dykes, MD from Rougemont, NC - 12/07/2014 00:18:08

Franks presentation on foraging was enthralling. He opened my eyes to the value of what is growing nearby, right around the bend, that I didn't plant, and might have missed, but has commercial value.