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Two Women and a Hoe®

Jan Coppola Bills is the author of Late Bloomer, a certified landscape designer, advanced master gardener, entrepreneur, national speaker, and an active environmentalist for her community.

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A good motivator for no pesticides!

Pat Coppersmith from Milford, Michigan - 10/23/2021 16:27:52

Jan has great garden ideas and shares them without abandon. She has a true gift of engagement with her audience. Top notch as a speaker.

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Great Info, Such Fun

Jamie Montgomery from MI - 05/07/2021 21:20:41

Jan packed a ton of info into a short timespan, and she did it effortlessly in such an engaging manner. I left feeling equally informed and inspired.

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Happy Gardener

Barb Johnson from Canton - 03/04/2021 21:06:11

We had Jan do her "Hell Strip Gardening" presentation tonight at our Master Gardening meeting. It was wonderful! She is so enthusiastic, fun and knowledgeable! She also shared a bunch of organic gardening recipes (for fertilizing and pests) that I can't wait to try. I hope I get to hear her again in the future!

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Two Women and a Hoe

Cheryl A Malin from Waterford - 02/11/2021 15:10:29

Jan Bill's presentation has given me great inspiration and confidence to continue my gardening this summer. Her presentation today has invigorated my thinking and planning for my summer gardening!

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Great speech!

Bryce McArdle from Baldwin City, Kansas - 02/04/2021 09:57:35

Great speech for the iLandscape365