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Catriona is a popular garden lecturer. She has spoken on gardening to many groups and clubs throughout the United States and in England, and has been a guest expert on television and radio shows related to gardening.

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catriona tudor erler

LYNN NAHRA JOSEPH from BIRMINGHAM - 10/31/2013 08:42:00

She was a very special speaker. She was interesting and gave us insight into a different kind of gardens seen throughout the world.

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Thinking Outside the Boxwood was fascinating.

CG Satterfield from Birmingham, AL - 10/24/2013 18:55:35

Excellent presentation with clear, colorful powerpoint that explained her subject very well. Pleasing voice and innovative topic. 90 BBG members signed up.

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Thinking Outside the Boxwood

Mary F Marcoux from Birmingham - 10/20/2013 21:23:30

Catriona's mid-October presentation at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens was a delight! She gave a fascinating tour of a series of unique gardens using colorful, intriguing photographs from her personal collection. Bravo, Catriona!

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Picture a Garden

Judith Terzic from Vienna, Virginia - 08/03/2013 10:24:19

Catriona is a wonderful speaker on garden topics. She's interesting, informative and entertaining. Her presentations include engaging photographs from her extensive personal collection. Anyone considering a garden speaker should view Catriona as a top choice.

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Excellent speaker

Dorothy Tompkins from VA - 06/26/2013 16:10:32

Catriona gives great talks accompanied by wonderful photographs she has taken herself.