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Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp is a popular speaker on various garden topics and sustainable living; television and radio guest; writer; author; garden coach; vice president of Garden Writers Association; 20-years w/large independent garden center.

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"Right-Size Gardening: Growing with Life's Changes

Barbara Jablonski from IN - 11/13/2019 21:31:22

Once again JoEllen has hit a home run with this timely presentation about how gardening changes as we move on in our lives. Her illustrations are excellent along with her suggestions. She also has an easy, friendly, comfortable manner that keeps us coming to her presentations again and again. Finally, there is always a quiz question and prize. Great fun! Thank you, JoEllen.

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The Hoosier Gardener

Nancy Snively from Indianapolis, IN 46260 - 10/18/2019 11:46:34

Jo Ellen is the Hoosier Gardener. She always offers timely advice. Her presentations are lively and she encourages questions and comments. I always learn something from her.

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Fall Clean Up & Color

Carolyn McMahon from Indianapolis - 10/16/2019 20:33:56

Jo Ellen gave a very helpful talk at a perfect time to implement her suggestions. She is knowledgeable and had many practical ideas presented well and she engaged with the audience.

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Fall Clean Up and Color

Sue Arnold from Brownsburg, IN - 10/16/2019 14:30:38

Jo Ellen gave an excellent Talk on Fall Clean Up and Color to out Northside Master Gardener's group. Photos were well related to talk and moved at a good pace. Felt we learned good practices and new things.

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Great keynote speaker!

Jeanne Young from Kennesaw, Georgia - 09/29/2019 21:25:08

Jo Ellen's presentation at the 40th Annual American Community Garden Association Conference was especially inspiring as she spoke about the importance of community engagement.