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I aim to always be accessible and informative – and to share new ways to think rather than just a bunch of facts or list of plants. Images are beautiful, inspiring and plentiful, talks have environmental, aesthetic and hands-on practical advice.

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Great Garden Talk

D. Slaughter from CT - 03/11/2017 10:08:58

Surrounded by neighbors, fellow gardeners, nature enthusiasts and friends, Karen led her audience through the less familiar territory of just who these pollinators are and their importance to plants.  While most garden talks focus on the plant life, the visible expression of the art of landscaping, much of that appeal would be lost without our pollinators.  Karen's presentation provided insight into the pollinators themselves as well as plants that aid their survival throughout the year.  Coupled with beautiful photographs, was the fund of knowledge Karen possesses on the landscape requirements of plants that attract pollinators and their aesthetic use on the garden canvas.It was an enlightening talk and very inspiring as we plan for the emergence of our landscapes from winter.

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The Edible/Ornamental Garden

Judith from CT - 03/09/2017 13:34:25

Karen's program was enthusiastically recieved by members of The Town and Country Garden Club. Her photography is superb and her narrative engaging and informative. I would recommend Karen to any garden club with members who love learning about how to make their own gardens more productive and beautiful.

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Great talk!

Nancy DuBrule from CT - 03/08/2017 05:55:08

I saw Karen speak on The Year Round Pollinator Garden at the CT Flower and Garden Show. It was a great talk. I learned so much about not only our native pollinators but also the flowers that attract them and why. Her photography is simply stunning. This is a very important topic and Karen covered it and made it fascinating and beautiful at the same time.

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Eco-friendly Garden Coach

Keri Milne from Wethersfield CT - 02/28/2017 18:49:39

Made the audience feel comfortable with the topic. Engaged participation. Karen gave us a chance to "see" what a garden could be just by letting us give our own ideas. Great selection of plant material. Too bad she couldn't have spoken longer. Great lecture.

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She's a hit!

Barb Skomorowski from Hartford, CT - 02/20/2017 13:50:51

The Connecticut Horticultural Society paired Karen as a speaker with our annual fall bulb fundraiser last October. Her talk, "Where Bulbs Shine...On and On," was such a hit with the audience, our bulb sales were through the roof! Our highest year ever. It's obvious her beautiful photos and enticing descriptions inspired many to plant more bulbs.