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I aim to always be accessible and informative – and to share new ways to think rather than just a bunch of facts or list of plants. Images are beautiful, inspiring and plentiful, talks have environmental, aesthetic and hands-on practical advice.

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Naturescape Your Yard

Carol West Seldin from New Canaan - 11/02/2017 21:30:20

Karen's "Naturescape Your Yard" program was a sensational hit with New Canaan Beautification League members and guests. She engages the audience with her excellent photos, thorough knowledge, dedication to her work and humorous anecdotes. Handouts are terrifically helpful and many purchased her books as well.

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Excellent program!

cynthia triolo from NJ - 09/23/2017 13:39:52

Karen's Herb Liberation program was extremely well done. Her photos are beautiful, the presentation flowed beautifully and she is a wealth of knowledge. A true treasure and wonderful to work with!

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Great information and photos

Barbara Pierson from Morris, CT - 09/22/2017 11:26:34

Karen gave a comprehensive talk about pollinator plants. The plant list and photos were beautiful and most importantly, attainable for all gardeners. Her personal anecdotes were fun, you know she has experience with creating beauty and the challenges that come with it. I would highly recommend her for any group!!!

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Highly recommend Karen Bussolini

Janet Grant from Jamestown, RI - 08/03/2017 12:44:08

Karen's excellent presentation on "The Edible/Ornamental Garden" was educational and inspirational, and was much enjoyed our garden club members. Through her engaging talk and beautiful photography she showed us how to combine edible plants and ornamentals to create wonderful gardens and why having edible/ornamental gardens is a good idea.

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Judy from CT - 07/03/2017 08:30:21

Karen's presentation on "landscaping with native plants – healing our home turf" was well attended and deeply appreciated. The photo presentation coupled with the handout made it easy to choose plants, shrubs, or trees that might be suitable for our own backyards. One of my takeaways was, " don't cut the clover!" We have way too much lawn and not enough food for the pollinators. Karen was delightful!