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I aim to always be accessible and informative – and to share new ways to think rather than just a bunch of facts or list of plants. Images are beautiful, inspiring and plentiful, talks have environmental, aesthetic and hands-on practical advice.

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The Unsung Season

Erin Presley from Madison - 10/29/2019 08:07:20

Karen was a delight both when she visited our garden before her talk and during the presentation. Wonderful photography. Karen encourages appreciation of the little details that make you consider winter to be a part of - not an end - to the gardening season.

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windsor Garden club

Florence Barlow from Windsor - 10/25/2019 14:08:24

Karen was a wonderful, fun filled speaker with lots of interesting tips for our club.
We enjoyed her beautiful photography also.

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The unsung season, the garden in winter

Linda Marx from Madison Wi - 10/22/2019 18:27:03

Karen is a great engaging speaker, very comfortable in front of a audience. She has an artists eye that is apparent in every exquisite photo put on the screen. Her images make even the long cold winter seem appealing. Along with each image there was an equally appeal comment that resonated with me one after the other. I never stopped smiling in agreement and acknowledgment throughout the entire presentation. I was not alone in expressing that appreciation for Karen’s insight.

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The Unsung Season: Gardens in Winter

Patricia A. Thompson from South Windsor, CT - 10/11/2019 17:48:33

Karen is a delightful presenter. Her comments and slide presentation make you aware of the subtle changes as the seasons shift. The photos were so beautiful and rich making one aware of the natural world if you take time to look and listen. Winter will take on a whole different appearance and appreciation.

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Gardening with Kids: Opening Eyes and Doors

Erika Shank from Amagansett NY - 07/01/2019 21:58:50

Karen spoke at the monthly lecture of The Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons. Karen is an excellent, compassionate speaker. Her beautiful photography really illustrates the wonders, diversity gardens and nature can provide for children. How essential it is to connect children from a very young age with the natural world. Especially in today's tech driven world!