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Kathy Jentz is editor and publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine, based in the Washington, DC region. A life-long gardener, Kathy believes that growing plants should be stress-free and enjoyable. Her philosophy is inspiration over perspiration.

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Garden Speaker, Kathy Jentz

Janet Ross from Reston - 04/20/2018 11:01:35

THE MOST enjoyable speaker I've come across. So easy going, likable and over-the-top knowledgeable. An expert in her field. A motivating speaker.

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Container gardening

Carolyn Bremer from VA - 04/16/2018 10:06:11

Kathy gave a very informative lecture to our Junior League Gardeners group this spring. Loved that she fielded questions from her he group during her talk. Fun and engaging speaker!

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Reston Garden Club Talk

Jody Douglas from Reston, VA - 04/16/2018 09:52:29

I'm a relatively new gardener, and found your comments very helpful in deciding what to plant and where it would best thrive in my yard. Thank you!

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Writing headlines and captions is not as easy as i

Rhonda Fleming Hayes from Minneapolis - 11/02/2017 16:43:56

re: Presentation on writing headlines and captions at GWA Symposium. Kathy gave us great advice on what should be a simple, but really is, a difficult task!

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Cool Season Edibles

Pat Lynch from Maryland - 10/09/2017 10:13:53

Drawing from personal experience and gardening know- how, Kathy provided a great intro to growing veggies and herbs in the Fall and Winter. She provided tips for handling the challenges of the mid-Atlantic weather. Her Fall Planting Chart is an excellent take home resource. The presentation was jam-packed with fun and great information. A class or presentation with Kathy is always a treat!