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Rebecca is a California-based garden designer, garden writer & speaker. Presentations focus on garden design, speaking to those with all levels of experience. Author of Refresh Your Garden Design and co-author of Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening.

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Great Speaker! She rocks!

Devonna Hall, Master Gardener Spring Seminar Chair from La Jolla, CA - 06/03/2013 09:40:07

Rebecca presented at the Master Gardener Spring Seminar in May in San Diego, and received top marks. As chair of this event, I received many compliments for getting such an informative and charming speaker. Her class evaluations were over the top. Her slides and presentation were fabulous, and I highly recommend Rebecca as a speaker!

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Montelindo Garden Club

Karen Englehart from Orinda, CA - 05/29/2013 19:16:20

The 60+ people from our garden club that heard Rebecca speak and share her slides were delighted with her presentation!

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Fantastic seminar at the '13 SF Flower&Garden Show

Karen Hunt from San Carlos, CA - 03/24/2013 16:40:44

I went to your talk yesterday at the SF Flower and Garden Show. I had hoped to thank you in person, but you were absolutely surrounded by admirers. I’ve been doing residential design for 8 years, gone to numerous industry seminars and garden walks, and I can honestly say that I learned more today than I have at any past event. You were very generous with your information and examples, and for that alone I am appreciative.

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'A plus plus' for Harmony in the Garden

Chris Johnson from carmel by the sea, california - 11/17/2012 12:01:15

Rebecca Sweet was a GREAT speaker. Her slide presentation included before and after slides of gardens that had been transformed using her method of analyzing what was wrong and why...........color, form, shape of leaf, etc. She is a lovely person who has been passionate about gardening since childhood and has a wealth of knowledge about plants, design and people. She is modest, engaging and poised and confident. She was universally loved by our group of 60 members and guests, ranging in age from 40 to 90 and skill level from little to master gardener.

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Rebecca Sweet from Menlo Park, Ca. - 10/23/2012 19:16:50

rebecca's presentation was very well received. My group enjoyed her talk and her slides. We would have her back next year.