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If you love plants, have a good sense of humor and enjoy meeting fellow gardening enthusiasts we are meant to meet!

Gardening should be FUN and that's what I'm all about; learn while you laugh, and never take yourself (or your garden) too seriously

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Peggy Riccio from Alexandria - 05/11/2018 08:38:47

Recently I heard Karen speak about containers at the USBG in Washington DC. Karen is a very good speaker, she speaks from experience. Her slide show was excellent. She gave step by step instructions on planting a container and many ideas for how to do it, many different plant ideas. She also provided handouts that were helpful. I would recommend her as a speaker and look forward to her new book (she has written several).

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Folige First

Linda Wagner from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - 04/14/2018 16:39:01

Anyone who would like to create WOW! containers, or great combinations of plants that work in their landscape would learn a lot from Karen. Her presentations are fun, energetic and motivating. I recommend her talk to anyone who loves gardening.

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Foliage First

Sharon Bishop from Bellingham, WA - 03/18/2018 12:36:19

Karen's ideas are great. She is entertaining and educational throughout her slide show presentation.

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Wonderful Ideas

Cheryl H. from Bellingham - 03/10/2018 21:51:46

I attended a presentation by Karen last Wednesday night here in Bellingham. I found her positivity infectious and am inspired to create spaces in my garden reflecting foilage more than the blooms. Blooms are important but I learned that the foliage is around a lot longer!

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Foliage First

Sandra Bergerson from Lynnwood, WA - 03/01/2018 20:51:01

Delightful speaker conveying interesting information. Very helpful handouts. Looking forward to reading Karen’s books. Knowledge of plants and design ideas equal successful presentation.