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The Traveling Gardener program is an invigorating prescription for anyone intrigued by nature, travel and the environment to consider the revitalizing quality of garden visits.

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Fun, Informative Speaker

Pat Bunkley from Sin Lakes, AZ - 01/11/2018 18:45:43

Linda presented “The Art of the Garden” at Weeders Garden Club today. This was my third time to hear her...each time a different gardening topic. She always uses beautiful photographs that she and her husband have taken at gardens around the world to illustrate her points. Linda is an inspiring speaker (and gardener), humorous and informative. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear one of her presentations.

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Great Garden Travelog & Slides

Patricia Weier from California - 12/06/2017 16:47:42

Ms Larson spoke at the Laguna Beach Garden Club in October.Her slides were gorgeous and her presentation lively and polished. Saw New Zealand gardens I would never see even if I should make the trip.

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Very Enjoyable Subject

Marilyn Ghere from Laguna Beach, CA - 11/16/2017 17:26:39

Linda Larson is one of the best speakers our garden club has had. She moved from one section of her talk to the next with such ease so it was easy to follow. Her command of the material was excellent. Her power point was very well done with wonderful photos.

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Intriguing & Inspiring Topic

Lynn Jax from Laguna Beach, CA - 11/14/2017 19:27:04

Linda Larson spoke to Laguna Beach Garden Club last week, sharing her travelogue of gardens across the world. I love to travel and visit any gardens along the way, so I took 2 pages of notes. The garden spots range from England, to New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Canada, & many states in our country. Excellent program & excellent speaker.

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master gardener speaker

monte crawford from arizona - 04/02/2017 21:41:43

I wanted to comment on todays speaker.

I think this is perhaps the most polished,

professional speaker in the 3 yrs since I

have been involved. Kudos!