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The Traveling Gardener program is an invigorating prescription for anyone intrigued by nature, travel and the environment to consider the revitalizing quality of garden visits.

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Art in the Garden

Patty Smith from Mesa, AZ - 03/25/2017 17:50:12

Linda is a true professional. She is very prepared. She has a great presentation. I always look forward to her programs. Awesome photos too.

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Rosemary Wade from AZ - 03/17/2017 20:49:21

Art in the Garden - beautiful slides,
interesting commentary - would like to see it again

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Always interesting and new

JOAnn Kaske from Phoenix - 03/12/2017 16:58:53

Wonderful information and new ideas

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Kudos to Linda

Hope Manross from Chandler - 03/11/2017 16:55:34

Kudos to Linda Larson for her wonderful presentation “The Art of Garden Design.” When a speaker uses their delivery to model the very ideas (art, heart and the creative process) they are sharing, the audience’s learning is more profound because the speaker becomes a model.

Linda Larson reminds us that just as gardening can be a work of art, similar approaches apply to the design and delivery of a creative presentation. Only the tools used to design different kinds of art differ. Linda’s main tools are “wandering, wondering and noticing” and she does a terrific job of documenting the results.

I will leave it to the reader to experience the content first hand. My comments reflect that artistry and synthesis of her design. She delicately reveals each element while building upon her theme of Gardening as Art from the Heart using reflections/quotations, images from her travels and stories as her canvas

The beauty of her approach is the strength of her very successful integration and synthesis as the presentation progresses through a variety of examples. She weaves a tapestry of her reflections on Gardening as Art from the Heart. As in the case of artistic composition, each element she uses has a unique purpose that when combined with other elements strengthens the overall message.

Someone once said to understand with mastery, one needs to look at something it from a variety of angles. It is like a kaleidoscope of thoughtfulness, color and meaning. With the introduction of each new element, we see the connections more vividly, richly and deeply thus driving home her main point that we are all creators; there are only nuances in our individual approaches.

Learning happens through stories, that provide context and connection, and when synapses fire/link, learning is deeper. It is the persistent combining, integrating and meaning that makes us the masters. Learning is richer when someone shows the way.

Her presentation is a beautiful synthesis of her reflections from “wandering, wondering” and noticing and comes highly recommended.

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Art of the Garden

Jeanette Daane from Tempe 85282-4008 - 03/10/2017 10:02:22

In addition to stunning visuals, Mrs. Larson added quotations from well known and lesser known writers/poets. Beautiful pictures and words. Also, she gave me a feeling of confidence that I could try the projects and tips she recommends. From her years of personal gardening and world travels to observe and photograph gardens, it was a program to experience both the practical and aesthetic side of the gardening world.