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Kerry Ann Mendez is a 'passionate perennialist' mixing humor with practical tips for creating low-maintenance, high impact gardens. Thousands have been inspired by her approach to breathtaking, sustainable gardens & landscapes. HGTV, national mags..

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Hudson Valley Flower Show

Mary Ann Johnson from Troy, NY - 03/27/2017 16:07:30

Kerry kept the presentation going at top notch speed...no time to doze off! Extremely informative and enjoyable!

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Boston Flower Show

Judy Mullins from Maine - 03/25/2017 16:31:00

Excellent presentation on periennials. Informative speaker. Enjoyed the lecture!

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boston flower show

kathleen Perkins from Phippsburg - 03/25/2017 16:09:49

You were one of the best things about the show. so many vendors with produces not related to gardening, such as makeup, insurance, cars, beds, hot tubs, etc. I was so disappointed that there was so little flower arrangements and landscape items. We cam down from Bath Maine and I kept raving to friends how GREAT the slower show is and then we were presented with this non-flower show. I won't return but I will use much of the info you gave out and I will purchase some of your books. Thank you again for being a bright bulb in such a commerical event

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Rye Garden Club

Joan from Rye NH - 03/23/2017 10:13:54

Excellent energetic speaker. Excellent practical information for home garden application.

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Kristina Dowd from Portsmouth, NH - 03/22/2017 21:42:36

Kerry Ann's presentation was full of first-hand knowledge with an abundance of enthusiasm and energy for what she knows and obviously loves.