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As a writer and speaker, I'm an evangelist for common-sense gardening that is sustainable for the planet and for people; making friends with nature; and the satisfaction of lunching on your own warm, sweet home-grown tomatoes.

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Garden Club talk

Cindy Blue from IL - 11/10/2017 18:30:27

Beth gave a talk about Growing Green in a Changing Climate to my garden club and it really opened our eyes. I'm so grateful for her resource list and being able to hear her scientifically sound information. Climate change is real, thank you for giving us some common sense advice!

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Great speaker! Great information!

Susan McFaul from Northbrook, IL - 11/09/2017 10:27:28

Beth presented her very timely "Growing Green in a Changing Climate" to the Northbrook Garden Club & gave us specific actions to take in our own yards to mitigate the changing climate patterns. Beth is an accomplished & very knowledgeable speaker & we all learned something new. You will enjoy having Beth speak to your group!

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Interesting and inspiring

Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp from Indiana - 10/08/2017 07:53:06

Beth spoke recently at a Master Gardeners' event in Porter County, Indiana, and did a terrific job of telling the us about nifty, fun and practical ways and tips to garden, especially if you have limited space. I came away w/lots of ideas to try at home.

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Excellent speaker

Mary Ann Pater from Berwyn - 07/25/2016 17:54:37

Beth came to our meeting of the Midway Garden Society and gave a wonderful and engaging talk all about the history of the garden. We were all amazed at all the points she brought up and could relate them to our own lives. Thank you, Beth!