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Gardener, writer, owner of the world's largest hoe collection, keeper of the secrets to happiness in your garden, and collector of old gardening books, Carol Michel shares about all kinds of gardening with a mix of humor and horticulture.

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Fun and informative

Wendy Wilber from Gainesville - 10/20/2017 14:23:23

What a pleasant person? Carol knows her horticulture and how to connect with gardeners through humor. Her talk held up a mirror to all the crazy things gardeners do to have the yard of their dreams. She made us nod our heads in agreement, elbow our friend next to us and laugh out loud with her gardening truths. It was such a treat to have her at our Master Gardener Conference.

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A Feel-Good Delight

Kylee Baumle from Ohio - 03/22/2017 11:09:54

When you first meet Carol, you might think she's a laid-back, ho-hum kind of gal. And she sort of is, but not in the way you might think. She's someone who is secure in her own skin, knows her stuff, and hits you with the funnies in subtle ways that few can pull off with such panache. Her tales in the garden hit home and ring true, and while not sugar coating gardening, she makes you want to join her in her garden. HER garden, because believe me, after hearing her talk about her adventures there, you'll want to be there too. Hearing her speak is just plain fun.

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She's a gem!

Rhonda Cole from Paoli, IN - 03/07/2017 10:28:33

Our Hoosier Hillsides Master Gardener's organization needed a great garden speaker for our 10th Annual Spring Tonic program held on March 4, 2017. Our search lead us to Carol Michel & what a great decision we made!! Carol opened her presentation reading to the group a humorous story, keeping the guests in stitches. Her presentation was full of wonderful garden vegetable information. All of the guest's evaluations gave her rave reviews. Some said, "Excellent", "I could have listened to her all day", "humorous", " Have her come back". That last comment will happen at some point. Carol helped make our program a success. If you are considering a speaker for your program look no further. Your guests will thank you.

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facts & fun

Kathleen Hull from Indianapolis, IN - 06/21/2014 17:26:10

Great combination of good gardening tips, garden history and FUN

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Fun, interesting, relaxing garden talk

Suzanne Stevens from Camel, IN - 08/25/2013 22:46:49

Carol Michel presented 'Wit and Wisdom from Old Garden Books' at Hamilton Co. Master Gardeners 2013 seminar. She is a totally charming speaker. Her talk is entertaining and loaded with fascinating information.