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As a Botanical Explorer, I am dedicated to sharing my experience of the vast diversity of the plant world with as many people as possible. The future of mankind is inextricably linked to us developing a symbiotic relationship with plants and nature.

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Valley Nature Center

Cruz Salinas from Lyford,Texas. 78669 - 03/27/2019 15:08:32

I have been to countless workshops and presentations and seminars , This presentation falls in the top five of all those that I’ve attended. I have seen numerous National Geographic and nature television shows and at this presentation I felt The passion that those individuals have that go through all the trouble and hard work to make those TV shows. Even though I may never have the opportunity to visit those places I feel blessed that there are those people like Mr. Simcox that are able to to bring that type of information and knowledge to us.. it is through your dedication and passion for what you do Mr. Simcox is the reason that this is and can become and will be a better world. Keep up the great work and I hope that someday soon I will get to see and hear another one of your presentations thank you again so much,

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walking library

venkata nagav from weslaco - 03/25/2019 15:47:59

great speaker , shown many plants and fruits which are new to me .

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A Must See!

Eugene Passofaro from Ramona - 09/05/2018 20:11:49

Lots of information, very exciting.

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Garden Speaker

Joe Pacholik from Deville LA - 06/25/2017 05:40:40

Joseph Simcox is the greatest speaker on gardening and exotic edible plants that I have ever listened to. I have just spent and entire night listening to him on Youtube. I just learned about him today and cannot leave the computer to get any sleep. He is that fascinating.

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Laura from NJ - 11/21/2016 09:36:34

Enthusiastic is putting it mildly! Joseph Simcox is engaging, entertaining, and makes you want to engage in topics you never knew existed. His worldwide experiences make him the speaker he is today.