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As a Botanical Explorer, I am dedicated to sharing my experience of the vast diversity of the plant world with as many people as possible. The future of mankind is inextricably linked to us developing a symbiotic relationship with plants and nature.

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cpmment Joseph Simcox is the best !

christi bengston from Oahu Hawaii - 09/30/2020 01:39:37

After six or seven years of following Joseph on his pre- book travels around the world I have enjoyed all of it. He is intelligent entertaining but also conveys incredible edible plants in the most interesting and human ways. He is a treasure. Anyone smart enough to secure him for speaking engagements will be delighted and challenged to think outside of their scope. He is more charismatic than many. His passion is a reflection of his heart. No one should miss out on a chance to have him all to themselves in a small group or large event. He has already gotten my attention for seven years straight just on his facebook page. Really looking forward to his book which many of his followers have been with him right there as he found what he was looking for.

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No more vomit please

Jonah from CA - 09/27/2020 11:51:26

I saw Simcock give the Keynote at CRFG SD. What a blowhard dillhole.
This ego stroker leaves a trail of noni juice stank wherever he go’s , burning those around him to feed his need of energy vampirism worldwide.
Conquer that shit Joe! You are the one!! Where can I send you money?

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south america trip

Daniel Sitar from Slovakia - 09/26/2020 02:22:55

passionate speaker

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Croc Hunter of plants

Sean McKIllop from Arizona - 09/24/2020 20:54:59

I haven't seen many speakers with the Passion Joe has.

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The Greatest Teacher

Valorie Marburger from Newton Falls - 09/24/2020 09:44:34

Joseph Simcox is a one of a kind teacher. Amazing wisdom and ability to communicate. Awesome knowledge of everything botanical. He presents material in a way that makes me want to not just watch but learn. I love this man.