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Cynthia Sandberg, owner of Love Apple Farms in Central California, is an attorney, farmer, and educator. Her homestead is a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm and the exclusive kitchen garden for Michelin-starred Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos.

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Great "Ding Dang" Garden Classes

Cynthia Mallison from Santa Clara - 03/18/2019 01:57:52

I've had the pleasure of taking three different garden classes through Love Apple Farms. The classes have been very educational, helpful, and entertaining all at the same time.

As an elementary school teacher, I know how hard it is to teach. Cynthia provides a great balance and environment.

Before my first class with her, I wondered why a garden class would take six hours! I found out that there's sooo much to learn! It's well worth any beginning, intermediate, or seasoned gardener to take her classes.

I'm looking forward to taking more of Cynthia's classes. Be ready to enjoy her humor and her wealth of knowledge! You'll have a "ding dang" (my favorite phrase of hers) good time!

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Outstanding Instructor

Pat Waite from SanJose, CA - 03/06/2019 20:53:27

It was recently my pleasure to take the Master Tomato Gardener Class at Cynthia's Love Apple Farms. I have been raising tomatoes for 30+ years, but the chance to pick up pointers from such a devoted fan of tomatoes was an opportunity I relished. Cynthia did not disappoint.

Her presentation style is filled with enthusiasm and keeps everybody engaged. She uses an excellent mixture of personal stories and science to get her points across. She has a great sense of humor, too.

I highly recommend Cynthia, either as a teacher at her Love Apple Farms venue, or a guest speaker at your event.

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Great Gardening Class:Designing the Perfect Garden

Rick Boyle from San Jose, CA - 02/10/2019 02:03:49

Cynthia is an amazing speaker, and her presentation today revealed so many useful secrets to help you optimize your garden's capacity and production. She brings her years of experience to the forefront and the material is entertaining, accessible and profoundly useful. Great class. And she is funny as well, that perfect combination of intellect and rye sense of humor. She can bring it.

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Excellent Class

Sarah Van groenou from Hayward - 01/20/2019 17:52:32

Cynthia is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about gardening. I would highly recommend the seedling and tomato masters classes. I can't wait to take another class at Love Apple Farms

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Excellent Tomato Masters Class

Tracey Chew from San Jose - 04/24/2018 14:44:33

I have had only one class with Cynthia but I will be back for more. Cynthia is very knowledgeable and she delivers a lot of information and follows up with handouts and references of where to get supplies so you can grow healthy and bountiful tomato plants. She is a good teacher and demonstrator of every detail that you need to know. I highly recommend her classes and her store sells very healthy plants.