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Through her garden education, Megan helps passionate gardeners get more from their gardens by first mastering the essentials and then indulging in the colorful details that make gardening not just a favorite pastime, but a lifestyle.

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Gifted Speaker

Pat Behm from Oshkosh - 02/20/2016 16:13:44

Megan has a love for gardening, gave many helpful hints, and mentioned heirlooms she had success with. An energetic, easy-to-listen-to speaker.

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Worth every second

Sherri from Wisconsin - 02/16/2016 16:58:05

Thank you for inspiring me to connect with other gardeners! The 10 mistakes workshop was very helpful. Gathering all that garden insight in one room was amazing! Well done!

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Megan's Gardening Tips

Beth from Middleton - 02/15/2016 22:53:13

I loved that Megan described vegetable gardening as a lifelong learning process, willing to help people learn from her mistakes and experiences. She kept it simple, with good take away points. Enjoyed hearing her speak.

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The 10 Mistakes I Made in My Vegetable Garden

Mira Severson from Westfield, WI 53964 - 02/15/2016 21:28:31

Megan was easy to listen to, gave practical info and inspired gardeners at all levels of experience. I love the idea of mixing flowers and veggies for a pretty to look at garden.

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terrific speaker

Lynn Buhmann from Wausau - 02/14/2016 18:54:11

Megan spoke at the Garden Visions conference in Wausau. She was knowledgeable, easy to understand and fun to listen to. All reviews were positive.