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Teri Dunn Chace is a writer and editor with more than 35 titles in publication, and a long and distinguished career in horticulture and natural history. Her popular presentations--accompanied by beautiful slides--are lively and edifying.

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Talk at Hamilton College

Karen L Leach from Clinton, NY - 10/30/2017 10:04:02

Teri did a fantastic job as one of our key Arboretum speakers. Her talk with engaging, informative and the images were gorgeous. Will have her back again next year!

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Teri Chace program at Hamilton College

Mary Macrina from NY - 10/29/2017 16:12:11

I attended the recent program at Hamilton College by Teri Chace. She provided an interesting viewing of flowers that I have not seen or thought of before. I am now looking in my flowers longer and deeper. Glad there is a book available for more viewing. A great speaker and program was had.

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Seeing Flowers

Jayne Ritz from Littlre Falls, NY - 10/28/2017 10:10:52

Teri Chace's "Seeing Flowers" lecture with gorgeous slides was informative,
entertaining and filled with beautiful,
beautiful slides. I highly recommend this lecture for anyone who loves gardening.