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As a Botanical Explorer, I am dedicated to sharing my experience of the vast diversity of the plant world with as many people as possible. The future of mankind is inextricably linked to us developing a symbiotic relationship with plants and nature.

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Awesome speaker

Devin from Montana - 09/24/2020 09:35:23

Joesph Simcox is an amazing speaker. Truly eye opening perspective regarding plants and vegetables

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Great speaker

Reinhard Kraft from Germany - 09/24/2020 09:01:47

Joe is a passionate botanist with great knowledge. He knows how to inspire his listeners.

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A valuable person!

Carlos Alberto Suárez from Orán Salta Argentina - 09/23/2020 23:58:24

If I hace to find one word to describe Joseph is enthusiastic!. Also has a deep knowledge of plants!!!

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So much energy!!!!!!!

Neil Hunt from Kentucky - 09/23/2020 22:26:13

The energy from hearing Joe talk will make you want to go on his next adventure! Always full of incredible knowledge!

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Squashtastic Speaker

Bruce Bennett from Poulan, GA - 09/23/2020 22:22:53

Joseph is a very entertaining speaker, and an exceptionally creative author.

There has to be many decades behind this kind of familiarity with the tapioca, I mean topics he covers, and they way he continues to convey them with such passion, and conviction.
I believe he really cares for humankind, and he uses his talents to teach others how they might better their own lives with real nutrition, God-made sustenance, not formed with human hands.
Big Thanks goes out to Joseph for all he does.