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Bring FUN with Flowers and J to your next event... Author of Fun with Flowers and Bloom 365 , J is the Leading Fresh Flower Expert in the Flower Industry. Host of the First Web-based Flower Design TV Show FUN with Flowers and J on uBlom.com!

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Vice President/Marketing at Fifth Third Bank

Mary Jane Berklich from Grand Rapids, MI - 10/05/2012 08:56:43

I co-chair the Women's Network at Fifth Third Bank. We recently hosted a business-networking event for clients and community leaders and featured J. While creating absolutely fabulous, over-the-top arrangements, J spoke to the crowd on the power of networking. He definitely has "it" -- the power to connect with every attendee and make them feel like he's having a one-to-one conversation. Here's what one of our bankers said ... "My clients loved the event. J was very entertaining, engaging and passionate…it was fabulous." If you have the chance, book him! You're event will be a hit and leave people wanting more.

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Best Speaker in 20 years

Kristin Thompson from Annapolis, MD - 10/01/2012 14:10:05

J was a speaker for a spouse event that was held at our 2012 convention in Las Vegas. The venue was the annual meeting of an international trade association. I am Director of Conferences for 8 different groups and have been putting on programs for 20 years. J was the best speaker that I have ever offered for a spouse event in my career with any of my groups.. Absolutely fabulous!

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So Much Fun

Elizabeth Crisp from Woodstock, IL - 09/07/2012 12:35:06

I have seen J at design shows for several years and I am always impressed with his knowledge not only of flowers and design, but the flower industry. His presentations are so fun and his connection with the audience is real and genuine. He makes design fun and his techniques are easy to follow and inspiring. Having had the opportunity to get to know him on a personal level, he connects with everyone he meets. I would book J in a heartbeat!

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Low Maintenance/High Performance

janna neetz from Nipomo, CA - 09/06/2012 18:50:20

I've had the pleasure of working with J on several different projects in a variety of different scenarios. Besides being an excellent presenter, J's professionalism makes every project a success. J's floral experience, talent, and personality, make the perfect combination for entertaining and informing his audience. And J is so easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend J for your next event. But Book Early!!!

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Television Host/Programming Dir.

Catherine Behrendt from Grand Rapids, MI - 09/05/2012 14:12:09

J. Schwanke is the real deal. He's brilliant, engaging, CRAZY creative, and a whole lot of fun! In my job as a local television host, J quickly became a regular presenter on our program and now our audience members ask when he'll be back. In fact, J is the one guest folks most often ask me about at the grocery store - a true sign of his connection with the audience. J takes the fear out of flowers. His effortless style and fun approach to the art of design and arranging makes it seem like anyone can do it. I have also served as J's "sidekick" at the West Michigan Home & Garden Show so I've seen him perform in front of a live audience too. He draws people in, gets them involved and entertains them. I cannot recommend J enough for your next conference or seminar.