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I am a garden designer, author and speaker and I'm passionate about how gardens and plants enrich people's lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Very Inspirational

Mike Podlesny from Burlington, NJ - 06/21/2018 14:33:30

I had the opportunity to chat with Jenny twice on our show and learned quite a bit from her as well as left the conversation very inspired to tackle not only the gardening problems, but life's as well.

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Light & Fun Even When Subject is Heavy

Robin Haglund from WA - 02/26/2016 21:55:48

I had the distinct pleasure of attending several of Jenny's 2016 seminars in Seattle during the NW Flower & Garden Show and at Swanson's Nursery. She is an engaging, fun speaker even when she is addressing difficult subjects like cancer. She injects humor and light-heartedness into her talks. And, she provides inspiring gardening ideas along the way. Kudos! Don't miss Jenny's talks!