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Kathy has been gardening in the cold climate of upstate NY for over 25 years, and writing at ColdClimateGardening.com since 2002. She believes short season gardening is no obstacle to beauty or pleasure, and would love to share her insights with you.

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Rebecca J Ely from WEST BLOOMFIELD - 10/08/2021 18:48:42

Kathy is a great speaker! Very interesting, informative, and enjoyable to listen to her talking about Colchicums. I learned SO much and am excited to add them to my garden! Thank you!

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Robin Reisig from Sylvan Lake, Michigan - 10/06/2021 20:10:04

Knowledgeable friendly speaker. I loved all the photos and since I love the few colchicums that I have I was thrilled to learn more about them.

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Bijoya Hans from BAh108@comcast.net - 10/06/2021 17:20:23

Very comprehensive information

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colchicum zoom meeting

Kim Thompson Everett from farmington michigan - 10/06/2021 16:14:40

Great topic. Good information and resources for subject. Interesting

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Esmeralda from Boston, MA - 05/22/2020 17:44:11

Excellent speaker!
Kathy is very inspiring and vibrant!
Love her!