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Kerry Ann Mendez is a 'passionate perennialist' mixing humor with practical tips for creating low-maintenance, high impact gardens. Thousands have been inspired by her approach to breathtaking, sustainable gardens & landscapes. HGTV, national mags..

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Rating as guest speaker at Mtn Garden Club meeting

Cindy from Jackson, NH - 04/17/2017 15:31:40

Third time I have attended a meeting with Kerry as speaker! As usual...such an excellent speaker..her .slides greatly aid in explanation of her recommendations.....we all learn so much from her...simple, strong ways to help in gardening for all!

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Right Size Gardens

Paula from Plymouth, Massachusetts - 04/07/2017 17:05:00

Kerry was extremely informative and added a sense of humor that made her presentation so much fun. I purchased her latest book "the Right-Size Flower Garden" and I can't wait to get started on my garden. Thank you Kerry.

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Very entertaining and Knowledgeable

Sandie Rose Saint from Nashua - 04/06/2017 10:33:14

Kerry brings energy and excitement to plants and the honorous task of maintenance. Enjoyed her discussion on Honkin' Hydrangeas!

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Barbara Muhlfelder from Bronx - 04/04/2017 17:15:49

Kerry did a fabulous presentation for the Essex and Lyme Garden Club Combined Meeting (CT). Lots of ideas and practical information!

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Dynamic, Organised, Great Slides

Molly Williams from New London, NH - 03/30/2017 14:41:18

I heard Kerry Ann Mendez speak at the Boston Flower Show on Striking Perennials. She was ultra-peppy, very organised (though there were not enough handouts, because the lecture was so crowded - I was lucky to get one), and her slides were a professional and beautiful accompaniment to her words. I appreciated seeing her condo garden in Kennebunk as well as other gardens and plant close-ups. She made good on her promise of unusual suggestions and I got a few ideas from her list and talk. I only wish she spoke on native plants, edible food forests (nuts, fruits, fruit guilds), permaculture, and other similar topics that I and my friends are more interested in, because we'd love to have her give a talk for us. But perhaps keeping focused on primarily ornamental perennials is what makes her talks so good.