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Laura is a friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker who arms her audiences with the how-to of caring for and pruning Clematis. She inspires her listeners with wonderful photos showing the variety and beauty of this Queen of Climbers.

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Fabulous speaker

Barbara Metch from Seattle, WA - 09/23/2020 22:45:49

Laura's talks on clematis are well organized, full of useful practical info on growing clematis, and packed with beautiful pictures. Her presentation style is fun and enthusiastic and holds your interest.

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Great Presentation on Clematis

Laura Kvasnosky from Seattle - 09/22/2020 21:38:04

Laura Watson is a warm and engaging speaker who has packed her talk full of gorgeous clematis photos, tons of how to info and her infectious enthusiasm for her topic.

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Clematis expert

Paul Shafer from Seattle, WA - 09/22/2020 21:01:50

What a wonderful speaker! Laura is very knowledgeable and explained the world of clematis to our group in a very conversational manner.

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Great Presenter

Alice Hayes from Seattle - 09/22/2020 20:51:33

Interesting and informative presentation. Laura is an organized, concise and engaging speaker.

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In depth presentation with nice photos

Gil from Washingtone - 09/22/2020 19:20:34

Great provider of facts and images while informing audience of basics.