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Eldred Steinkopf

Hi, I’m Lisa, The Houseplant Guru. I talk about all things houseplants and am author of Houseplants The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants. I am a columnist at Michigan Gardening and Michigan Gardener Magazines.

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Knowledgeable and approachable

Alyssa Cleland from Harshaw, WI - 02/08/2020 14:59:33

Speaks in an easy and approachable way. Very knowledgeable, but admits there's always more to learn.

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Great Speaker-HOT Topic

Tracy A. Bordis from Des Planes, IL - 02/02/2020 09:35:53

Met Lisa at the iLandscape trade show in the Chicago area this past week. Her presentation "Houseplants for a New Generation"was soooo on trend, spot on and filled with the perfect amount of information to be both informative and engaging.

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Grow in the Dark

Patricia Baum from WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mi - 01/25/2020 12:17:18

Very easy to follow

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Funny & Factual

Houseplant Fan from Seattle - 02/23/2019 18:13:07

Lisa can convince any doubter to fall in love with plants. She’s funny & practical. Very enjoyable to hear, even in a dark conference hall.

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Praise for Lisa

Kathryny Yingst from Lima, OH - 03/17/2018 17:35:27

Heard Lisa speak today at a Master Gardener's seminar. Sooooo informative and entertaining in her presentation. She kept your attention throughout with her wit and knowledge. Highly recommended as a speaker!