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Marianne is an award-winning garden columnist, Master Gardener and the author of Big Dreams, Small Garden (2017). Speaking to gardeners at all levels on many topics, she delivers motivational and informative presentations that energize and educate.

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Horticultural Society of Maryland presentation, Oc

Felicia Haywood from Macon, GA - 10/20/2020 14:59:20

I very much enjoyed Marianne's online presentation. It must have been a bit of a struggle for her to juggle the technology and have no audience to interact with but she managed to deliver an entertaining and stirring presentation. Marianne's examples of gardener mavericks, the Dervaes family and Christopher Lloyd, were apt and brought home just what can be accomplished when we step outside of the box. They, along with her wonderful book Big Dreams, Small Garden, are inspirations to me.

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Horticultural Society of Maryland webinar, 10/20

Nancy Blois from Maryland - 10/15/2020 10:28:25

Marianne's presentation, "Big Dreams, Small Garden," was very well received by our audience. Many viewers commented that they felt they were "in the room" with her, and that this was the most enjoyable virtual lecture they'd seen. Excellent material and presentation!

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Tropicals for Container Gardens

Andrea Gasper from Lowell - 01/30/2020 15:40:32

Marianne was a great speaker for our group of professional container gardeners! Everyone gave her great ratings on our feedback form. Her presentation was filled with great information that everyone found interesting and helpful! Marianne is amazing!

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2019 WNC Gardening Symposium in Flat Rock, NC

Ruth Gonzalez from Weaverville, NC - 10/07/2019 19:16:51

IMarianne Willburns talk was inspirational with practical advice on how to achieve the look you want by honing in on the qualities of what you love about a certain look and then figuring out how to achieve that vibe while remaining within your budget or smaller space. We were able to chat with Marianne and she was an absolutely delightful plant-lover. Within seconds she was lusting over a cryptomeria, and commenting on the colors and textures of the plants we had on display for Reems Creek Nursery at the symposium. We both bought her book and separately dived right in that evening when we got home from the symposium. I thought she was a fantastic speaker and I loved her common sense approach to gardening. Just start!

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2019 WNC Gardening Symposium in Flat Rock, North C

Susan Sanborn from North Carolina - 10/07/2019 16:44:30

Marianne was one of 5 speakers at our Symposium for Master Gardeners. Her talk was about “Big Dreams, Small Gardens” and given mid-afternoon during what I like to call “the sleepy hour”! Marianne had my attention from the get go! She was engaging and made sense to my sometimes overwhelmed gardening brain! Everything she talked about I could handle and she made it so easy. I walked away inspired and with visions of my garden I know I can achieve! Awesome speaker!