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Saxon Holt is a professional garden photographer who has been photographing gardens for 25 years and lectures about the importance of "seeing" the essence of a garden.
He is also the Photography Program Director at San Francisco Botanical Garden

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johngray from modesto,ca - 03/02/2012 13:40:24

Saxon presented a great program on photagraphy in the garden at ourJanuary meeting of the Modesto Garden Club. We had over 300 attend and everyone thought his program was innovative and very educational. He is a super guy and he does a great program.

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Napa County MG seminar

Penny Proteau from Napa, Ca - 02/23/2012 17:27:13

Very informative presentation and Fun

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Saxon at Modesto Garden Club

Kathy Short from Modesto, CA - 01/21/2012 15:13:03

While not a photographer my self,I brought a few friends along who were. Well, we ALL were extremely happy to have attended. Saxon's presentation revealed not only knowledge and skills in photography but also of gardens and the relationship of gardens within a larger landscape. He gave us new ways to view and add to skills and enjoyment.

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Saxon Holt is Special!

Karlyn Williams, President North Bay, APLDCA from Napa, California - 11/05/2011 18:33:18

Our District contracted with Saxon to give a presentation. We all knew and admired Saxon's photography skills. What we didn't know was that he is a hands-on home gardener, and passionate about appropriate landscaping. Saxon customized his talk to the needs of our group. He responded to numerous questions regarding photo techniques and computer editing. He also graciously took the time to critique our photos.

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Highly recommended

Jan Formanek from Orinda CA - 10/27/2011 15:48:17

Saxon's presentation was outstanding, full of enthusiasm and expertise about garden photography. His beautiful, well-organized photographs and commentary appealed to not only the photographers, but to all members in our garden club. Stressing the relationship between gardens and the land, he spoke about seeking a sustainable aesthetic that enhances both gardener and the earth.
Saxon's presentation was well received and his engaging personality was very appreciated.