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10051 S. Macksburg Rd. Canby, Oregon 97013

Dan has been involved in every facet of horticulture. His articles and photos have been seen in many magazines. He has taught horticulture, wholesaled, and run his own landscape co. He’s hosted a show on radio and been on HGTV, HMC, and BBC.

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Recommendations of Dan’s talks with full lecture descriptions below:

"I have heard Dan give presentations on a wide spectrum of subjects: from plant talks on specific groups of plants like his famous Heucheras and Tiarellas, to talks on Plant Exploration and Travel in exotic places. I have also heard Dan give nuts and bolts presentations on the how to for nurserymen, on marketing plants, on the intricacies of plant hybridization and plant development. No matter what the subject, the photographic images are always stunning, the presentation crisp, entertaining and full of valuable information that makes a difference. And the delivery is always warm, humorous and engaging. I know no one in America who has a better grasp of our nursery industry and plant development nationally or internationally. Dan Heims is America's premier plant guru. He always delivers."

-          Panayoti Kelaidis – Director of the Denver Botanic Garden 3/10

“Dear Dan, I want to extend a huge thank you for your informative and entertaining presentation.  I’ve had numerous phone calls commenting on how much everyone enjoyed the talk… It is such a pleasure to meet someone, such as you, who has taken their passion in life and turned it into something they can share with everyone else!  You’re an inspiration to us all!!!

                -      Stephanie O’Toole – Director, Country Gardens  4/10

  “Dear Dan, What a stunning show!  It was wonderful to see all the color.  Your relaxed and humorous style warmed the members and helped them to appreciate your travels to the full!  Your generosity benefits many places.”

                - Christine Farrington – Seminar chair, Portland Garden Club 10/09

“Dear Dan, Thanks seems so small a word to express the gratitude and pleasure it is for me to tell you how much we enjoyed your seminar. . . What a thrill to see not only people listening, taking notes and enjoying themselves, but seeing a room full of interested people. . . It was exhilarating to have so many people in attendance.”

                - Mary Bucholz – Seminar co-chair, ABS  5/09

 “Dan, Your presentation last Friday was great! You have a unique ability to give a presentation full of useful information and yet make it entertaining at the same time.

                - Mike Darcy – Host of “In the Garden” re: Plant Nerd Night 3/09

(New Lecture) Hot Heuchera and their Uses

Heucheras are hot!  Join Dan Heims, (the man who wrote the book), in this overview of how Heuchera and Heucherella are used
around the world.  Magnificent green walls, surprizing containers, and landscape uses will be shared with the
open-minded participants in this class. The palette of foliage colors in this genus are amazing.  See how these
multi-use plants can be used to best advantage in the garden center and landscape. 

Pictures from English and European shows highlight the unusual ways these plants can be used. 

The hottest new varieties from Little Cuties(TM) to the highly touted tariling Heucherella "Falls Series" willl also be shown.

(New Lecture) “Garden Gems”

Dan has been exposed to more plants, in more places “than your average bear”. This talk is a fun compilation of some of the newest, most exciting perennials, tropicals, and woodies seen today. Dan pulls together these plants from world-wide trips, botanical gardens, plant shows, and nurseries. Satisfy the nerd within!


(New Lecture) “Growing UP- vertical gardening/lessons from nature”

Green walls, green roofs . . . these all seem like the next new thing! Designwise perhaps, but mother nature needs to be our teacher. Come explore this "new" arena of design with existing examples of sumptuous "wallscapes" to natural outcrops. We'll explore the plants that thrive and the ways one can translate nature's palette both inside and outside the home.


(New Lecture) “Making MORE- plant propagation from a pro”

Dan has been in the middle of the propagation business for 34 years. Enjoy an overview of ways to increase your own plants. Not only will you see how to multiply a number of annuals, shrubs, and perennials, but you'll get a behind the scenes look at some major propagators in the field. A handout will go over a hundred plants and how to increase them. 


(New lecture) “Right Plant- Right Place” Plant Solutions for Problem Areas

Individual gardens can have deserts, swamps, and shady refuges. This is a talk on how to make good choices for problem spaces. Drawing from his life experience with thousands of plants, Dan not only presents plants as problem solvers, but offers good advice on how to keep them thriving.


(New lecture) “How Dry I Am” – Dryscaping for the Consumer

As water sources dwindle in many areas, changes need to be made in plant selection, garden design, and watering techniques.

Global warming has placed hose bans in some areas, stopped lawn watering, and has definitely impacted sales.

Dan’s talk will be plant-centric for “water wise” landscaping as well as touching on water storage and distribution.

His handout will list resources (books and websites) for the consumer to help them deal with this “side-effect” of global warming.


(New lecture) “Container Crazy (and plants for Small-Space Gardens)”: Dan's trips around the world have exposed him to an amazing array of wild containers planted with the most unusual plants. Dan will cover these as well as a wide assortment of unusual plant materials that give new life to containers. Tips on how design containers and small garden spaces as well as helpful information on maintaining soil fertility and plant health are provided.


(New lecture) “Creating Color (or How Terra Nova Turns Ordinary Plants into Superstars)
Nature deals a reasonable hand. It is human intervention that shuffles the deck and redeals the gifts of nature
then combines them in such a way that they become a spectacular creation. Terra Nova has been at the forefront of the “Wow” in horticulture. Join Dan Heims in his journey . . .


(New lecture) “Perennials for Containers”: Many perennials not only adapt well to containers, they truly shine! Come explore an array of awesome, colorful perennials and learn how to care for them. Tips on maintaining fertility and winterizing pots will be discussed. Walk away with some great “recipes” to use in your own garden or Garden Center.


(Updated) “New Perennials from Around the World”: How new plants are found. Join Dan on a whirlwind tour of ten horticultural countries (Japan, China, Germany, Tasmania, Australia, US, Holland, England, Ireland & New Zealand) Meet the shakers and movers in each country, and the plants they love. Focus will be primarily on hardy perennials but exceptional “temperennials” will also be shown. Tips will be given on how to get plants into the US legally. (My most popular presentation.)


(New lecture) “Bonkers for Begonias”: Dan presents an entirely new program covering the varieties and uses of this fascinating (and huge) family. Rare species will be shown and discussed; from 2” tall yellow blooming terrarium plants from Africa to 7’ tall giants from Brazil. Care, culture, and propagation will be revealed. A new element has been added to Dan’s talk – that of Hardy Begonias! You’ll be amazed to see what might grow in your home garden!


(New lecture) “These are a few of my favorite things”: Come see Dan’s world, a world of fascinating plants, both temperate and tropical. See the breeding operation that puts out the coolest plants. Visit a few stops around the world where plant collectors thrive and meet a few of the world’s best plantsmen. (PP) First presented at Heronswood’s “Horthead’s Holiday.”


(New lecture) “Crazy about Coral Bells! ” (and their Allies): A brief history of this group of plants (The Saxifragaceae) is followed by slides of native populations and the breeding programs that have transformed this quiet woodland group to some of the most sought-after perennials today. Learn from the man who “wrote the book!”


"Shade Gardening with New Perennials" - Methods of dealing with different types of shade are discussed as well as solving the problems of root and light competition. Gorgeous plant combinations are shown with an overview of new perennials and old favorites.

(Updated) "Flash and Splash- building the Color Story" - One of the most comprehensive slide presentations of variegated and colored-leaved plants in the world, including surprises from New Zealand, Japan, and Europe. Topics include: how variegated plants are discovered, chimera vs. virus, and classification of variegation. Use of the color in design is shown, featuring color echoes, repetition, contrast, and harmony.

"To market, to market- to launch a new plant" - The process of selection, “sport fishing", trials and the intricacies of market, patenting, and trade marking. Our current trials of perennials are featured as are many of our introductions, several patented. The basics of media launches in print and via the internet are explored.

"Asian Fascination": a program covering the marvels of Japan, how to collect plants and bring them home (legally!), and an overview of Japanese nurseries and wacky collectors. Slides will be presented of incredible Japanese plants in cultivation and in the wild..  


 “Plant Marketing Around the World” – Dan has visited 21 countries taking a keen interest in how plants are promoted, presented and sold. See the best of the best and the worst of the worst in our field will be seen. Dan will also discuss his unique perspective on marketing and how his attendees can better “put themselves and their products forward”.


“Everything you wanted to know about how to create a catalog” (SEMINAR) – Terra Nova produces one of the finest color catalogs in the US. (Boy, are we modest!) Learn how to “pull out” of the humdrum, text-only format and spice up what represents YOU and your nursery. We will touch on computers, software, digital cameras, film cameras, and how they all come together. Real examples of catalogues from “Napkin Sketch” to the final negative will be shared by all. Bring an example of a catalog that “stands out” for group discussion. Seminar format 1.5 hrs. Limited group size. (PP) +OH projector.


“Everything you wanted to know about how to create a catalog in 60 minutes or less” (Lecture) –

Learn the fascinating creative process of how to put your plants to paper. We will touch on computers, software, digital cameras, film cameras, and the process of how they all come together. Real examples of catalogues from “Napkin Sketch” to the shipped catalog will be shared by all. (PP) +OH projector.


"Four Fabulous Genera" - A brief history of Pulmonaria, Tiarella, Heuchera, and x Heucherella is followed by slides of native populations and the breeding programs that have transformed these quiet woodlanders into some of the most sought-after perennials today.



Asian Fascination

Bonkers for Begonias

Container Crazy (and plants for Small-Space Gardens

Crazy about Coral Bells! (and their Allies)

Creating Color (or How Terra Nova Turns Ordinary Plants into Superstars)

Everything you wanted to know about how to create a catalog

Flash and Splash- building the Color Story

Four Fabulous Genera

Garden Gems

Growing UP- vertical gardening/lessons from nature

Hot Heucheras and Their Uses


How Dry I Am – Dryscaping for the Consumer

Making MORE- plant propagation from a pro

Mining Ideas from Visits to International Garden Centers

New Perennials from Around the World

Perennials for Containers

Plant Marketing Around the World

Right Plant- Right Place Plant Solutions for Problem Areas

Shade Gardening with New Perennials

These are a few of my favorite things

To market, to market- to launch a new plant



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Audience Reviews

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“From Passion to Profession”

Rick Schoellhorn from Alachua, Florrida - 03/22/2013 16:44:27

Dan spoke at the Independent Plant Breeders Conference last year on moving from a love of plants to creating new forms/hybrids of plant. What I always enjoyed about Dan's presentations is his very clear love of the creative art of plant breeding. His talk was hugely successful and really dealt with a lot of the questions that new plant breeders or respective plant breeders wanted to hear. Even for those who are not plant breeders, Dan's enthusiasm and great photography make any plant talk he does a real pleasure to listen to. I would recommend Dan as a speaker to any horticultural group who wanted someone who was a great plantsman, a great communicator, and also a great lover of plants!

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Dan Keeps Audience Entertained

Eileen Nelson from Madison, WI - 03/22/2013 16:13:18

Dan spoke at the 2013 Garden Center Symposium, January 2013, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and per his usual presentations kept the audience entertained and informed with good plant information and wonderful pictures introducing both new and not so new plants to the audience. He was definitely a favorite.

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Regarding Dan Heims

Dr. Lekha Sreedhar from Overland Park, KS - 03/06/2013 11:00:51


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