Rhonda Fleming Hayes

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Rhonda is a native Californian with Southern roots living in Minnesota. She is a writer and Master Gardener who’s learned to bloom where she’s planted. Author of Pollinator Friendly Gardening: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies and Other Pollinators.

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Rhonda Fleming Hayes is the author of Pollinator Friendly Gardening: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies and Other Pollinators.


Rhonda is an award-winning writer and photographer applying her passion for all things plant-related with wit and solid research-based advice.  She is a monthly columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She contributes unique feature stories to Northern Gardener magazine as well as her popular “Pollinators” column. She has also been published in Southern Living, Mother Earth Living, The Herbalist, Wichita Eagle, Savannah Magazine and many online sites.


Rhonda is a native Californian with Southern roots now living in Minnesota. Following her husband’s nomadic career she has lived and gardened in Tennessee, Kansas (twice), Illinois (twice), Iowa and even England. Regardless of location she learned to bloom where she’s planted. In between writing assignments in Minnesota she shovels compost or snow depending upon the season.


Rhonda gardens in Minneapolis in an urban neighborhood surrounded by woods and water. The abundant quarter-acre is home to many bees, butterflies, birds and beneficial insects. She loves to share the fruits (and veggies too) of her garden with friends, family and wildlife.


Rhonda became certified as an Extension Master Gardener in 2000 but has been gardening in some form or fashion since she was a child at her grandmother’s knee. She is a member of the Garden Writers Association, The Herb Society of America, The Xerces Society and the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. She is a trustee of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


Check out her blog at www.thegardenbuzz.com



--Kitchen Gardens: “Bountiful and Beautiful” 

Tips for growing a productive fresh-food garden so pretty the neighbors will never know


 --Growing Herbs: More Bang for Your Buck, Little Sweat and No Tears

.Herbs are the original multi-taskers providing flavor and fragrance for your food, beauty for your senses and free pest-control.


 --Supporting Pollinators Without Giving Up Your Hostas.  

How do plants fit into my garden’s ecosystem? Learn how each plant in your garden functions to benefit wildlife and you.


--Butterfly Gardens: More Than Just Pretty Flowers

You’ll see more butterflies in your garden when you learn to help them through all phases of their life cycle.


 --Bee or Wasp: A Case of Mistaken Identity

 Do you call anything that buzzes a “bee”? Learn how to tell the difference between bees and wasps, and when to worry or rejoice.






Minneapolis, Minnesota
Winter-Florida (30A along the Gulf),Savannah GA and Birmingham AL

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