Michael Judd

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6614 Nahal Dr Maryland 21702

Garden design, mushroom cultivation, back yard orchards, food forests, natural building, pruning, grafting, permaculture design, rainwater harvesting, soil building, herb spirals, espalier/fruit fence building, and ecological restoration.

w: http://www.ecologiadesign.com

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Talks by Michael JuddSONY DSC

Principle designer/founder of Ecologia and author of 'Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist' and 'For the Love of Paw Paws'. 

Michael Judd is a well known and enjoyed speaker, noted for enthusiastic and clear presentations on a host of subjects surrounding edible and ecological landscapes.

Presenter for Monticello Harvest Festival, U.S. Botanical Garden, Northeast Organic Farmers Association, guest on popular radio such as A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach, and a host of podcasts revolving around edible landscaping, gardening and permaculture.


  • Edible Landscaping
  • Practical Permaculture
  • Soil Building & Rain Water Harvesting
  • Growing Gourmet Mushrooms Outdoors
  • Natural Fruit Growing – Uncommon Fruits and Care
  • Food Forest Design
  • All About PawPaws
  • Herb Spirals
  • Earthen Ovens
  • Hugelkultur Beds
  • Edible Architecture – Espalier & Trellis Design
  • Nuts!
  • Natural Building
  • Living willow structures


6614 Nahal Dr
Frederick MD 21702

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