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Woodinville, Washington 98077

Jessi Bloom, an award-winning garden designer, Certified Arborist and Certified Prof. Horticulturalist speaks regularly on a variety of topics for groups, large or small. Her informative talks always include valuable handouts and colorful visuals

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Perma-What?!  How to Design your own paradise with Permaculture!

Food Forests for the Homegarden - Have you wanted to grow your own food but found it is too much work and takes too much of your time?  Join Jessi as she discusses permaculture concepts that employ design strategies from nature, so you can grow easy peasy edibles that are low maintenance, resiliant and sustainable.  Plant and enjoy the harvest from your edible landscape for years.  She will cover basic food forest design and go over some of her favorite low maintenance edible for the Pacific Northwest - all perennials!

Practical Permaculture Design - At this point permaculture is fast becoming a buzzword in the fields of green building and design. But what is it? Permaculture design inherently focuses on solving problems within the context of ecological health, providing for human needs, and building resiliency. You can use the permaculture design process to create more “sustainable” buildings, landscapes, and social systems. Permaculture can be equally applied to a rural farmstead, an urban lot, a city park, an apartment complex, or a bowling alley. In all cases permaculture’s “applied common sense” approach will help you meet client goals while acting as stewards of the earth. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun!  We’ll get into permaculture definitions, ethics & principles as well as looking at some of the tools permaculturists use to create functional, integrated designs. We will look at some examples of permaculture systems in action and showcase some “All-Star” permaculture plants for the Pacific Northwest. Finally, we’ll crack out the pens and paper and put some of this new information into practice with a design scenario. This session is intended to pique your interest and get you excited to learn more about the permaculture design system and explore how it fits into your business and life. You will walk away with a better understanding of permaculture design and a variety of resources that you can use to kick start your permaculture education.

RainWise Gardening - Learn how to grow in a drought plus manage and utilize stormwater on your property while adding beauty to your landscape!  Come and listen to Jessica share her expertise and discuss rain gardens, cisterns, permeable pavement and other methods that celebrate the rain!

Easy Peasy Edibles  Plant Once & Enjoy the Harvest for Years  Join Jessi as she teaches you about her favorite low maintenance edibles for the Pacific Northwest – all perennials! Plant them once and enjoy the harvest for years to come, plus arrange them beautifully for a gorgeous edible landscape!

What the Cluck?! -Want chickens? But too scared they'll destroy your hard work in the garden? Learn how to share your own garden with your feathered egg-producing friends. Learn how to create a garden that integrates chickens and utilizes their many strengths which are beneficial to gardeners.

Have your Garden & Eat it too! - Have a small space? Think you can't have it all?  Think again - Jessica will show you how to set proirities and squeeze in everything you want into an urban homestead.

Sustainable Landscape Design -Our landscapes and gardens can offer a wealth of benefits if designed and managed well: nutritious food grown for us and for wildlife, shelter and even bioremediation. We will look at our gardens as an ecosystem and explore the ways to make your space more sustainable.  What that entails: building healthy soils, good design and planning, as well as proper maintenance strategies to make less work for you and while preserving our natural resources.  We will walk through the design process and how to choose plants and prioritize for your space and look at examples of beautiful working examples of sustainable landscapes for inspiration.  After taking this class you will have the tools to begin a journey towards making your own garden more sustainable.

Landscape Renovation 101 - For all black thumbs who don't know where to start, Jessica walks through the process of landscape renovation step by step.  Learn what tricks and tools professionals use to get the job done!

Other topics include:

Permaculture 101 for the Gardener ~ How to achieve abundance and build resiliency!

Rainwise Gardening – How to Manage Stormwater Beautifully; from Raingardens, to cisterns and more!

Deer proofing your garden

Careers in Horticulture (aimed at HS and college students)


Seattle WA

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Audience Reviews

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Informative and Inspiring

Katie Johnston from Renton, WA - 01/15/2014 14:26:17

Jessi is a relaxed, engaging speaker with an astounding knowledge of plants. A return speaker in Renton, Jessi is always fun and easy to work with. Jessi connects with audience members of diverse gardening backgrounds and consistently demonstrates her commitment to sustainability in a way that is encouraging and inspiring for her audiences. With each presentation I am confident that audience members will leave informed and excited to try new plants or design techniques that Jessi suggests.

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Cascade Gardener Presentations

Michael Brent from Bellevue - 11/24/2013 22:16:53

Jessi has taught many outstanding classes for Cascade Water Alliance. Jessi is dynamic, engaging speaker with an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and landscape design. She brings a fresh, fun approach to her presentations and helps people to understand the relationship between gardeners and gardening. Jessi provides great value to my programs.

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Talented presenter

Gwen Vernon from Seattle, WA - 11/16/2013 19:11:58

I have asked Jessi to present various times on sustainable landscaping to an audience of landscape professionals. She is dynamic, engaging, and down to earth. She speaks to the audience, sets context well, focuses on the key issues that are important to them, provides practical information from her own experience, and has always received high ratings from the audiences.

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