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Binghamton, New York 13830

Kathy has been gardening in the cold climate of upstate NY for over 25 years, and writing at ColdClimateGardening.com since 2002. She believes short season gardening is no obstacle to beauty or pleasure, and would love to share her insights with you.

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Kathy Purdy, winner of the Garden Writers Association Silver Award for Excellence in blog writing, has been writing for over fifteen years at ColdClimateGardening.com. She has written for Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and The American Gardener. She lives with her husband and children on ten acres in Chenango County, NY. Kathy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. She gardens in a cold climate because she hates hot weather more than snow, but concedes that winter is a tad too long. Her garden philosophy is: "If it's not fun, don't do it--or figure out how to make it fun!"


Colchicums: Autumn's Best-Kept Secret- Colchi-what? If you’ve never heard of colchicums before, you’ll be running to your catalogs to order some after hearing Kathy’s talk. These underused hardy bulbs bring bright color to the fall garden. Kathy will tell you all you need to know to grow them successfully, including the best varieties for various garden situations and ideal plants to partner with them. She’ll even let you know her sources for the rarest and scarcest. If you don't yet grow colchicums, it's time you were in on the secret!

Fight Cabin Fever With Your Garden-If winter starts too early and spring doesn't come soon enough, if you find yourself pacing indoors and gazing out the window, hoping to see something other than snow, you need to design a garden to view from that window! Tips, techniques, and plants to extend the viewing season, if not the gardening season, in a long winter climate.

Gardening Secrets of the Cold Climate Ninjas - Cold climate ninjas excel in overcoming subzero temperatures and mind-boggling cabin fever with a glorious display once winter fades from memory. Over the years I've studied these ninjas and uncovered their best secrets for a wonderful garden where winter cold is always measured with a minus sign. These tip and tricks will help you rise from grasshopper to master. Soon, you too will be a gardening ninja!



Oxford, NY (Chenango County) 13830

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  • Colchicums: Autumn's Best Kept Secret
  • Combat Cabin Fever With Your Garden

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Rebecca J Ely from WEST BLOOMFIELD - 10/08/2021 18:48:42

Kathy is a great speaker! Very interesting, informative, and enjoyable to listen to her talking about Colchicums. I learned SO much and am excited to add them to my garden! Thank you!

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Robin Reisig from Sylvan Lake, Michigan - 10/06/2021 20:10:04

Knowledgeable friendly speaker. I loved all the photos and since I love the few colchicums that I have I was thrilled to learn more about them.

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Bijoya Hans from BAh108@comcast.net - 10/06/2021 17:20:23

Very comprehensive information

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