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1508 Pinecrest Place Orlando, Florida 32803

With an eye for great plants and passion for design, Keri Byrum is as comfortable speaking to a group about color in the garden as she is covered in dirt. She is an accomplished speaker, author and photographer for gardening and landscaping

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If you are looking for an exciting and enthusiastic speaker for your group, you have found the person!  Keri brings her energy and passion for plants and landscaping to life as she discusses her topics with homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Originally from Iowa, Keri has lived in Florida for over eight years and has become a strong advocate for the horticulture and landscaping industry.  Her experience includes working in horticulture for one of Orlando's largest theme parks and also as an educator for the University of Florida IFAS Extension.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa and is a graduate of the Longwood Graduate Program in Public Horticulture at the University of Delaware where she earned her Masters of Science degree.

Keri is a regular contributor to several local publications as well as Florida Gardening magazine.  She has appeared on Central Florida Gardening TV and regulary joins the Better Lawns and Gardens radio program. 



Flowers for Spring and Summer

Learn about the flowers and plants that will make your gardens and landscape come alive with color all summer long!  Knowing the right plants for our tough summer environments can make your yard, porch, or balcony the envy of your neighbors.


Flowers for Fall and Winter

Florida’s “cool” season opens up a world of possibilities for adding color to your home landscape! Learn about the best time for planting, plant selection, and how to design for the most impact.


Grocery Store Gardening

You will look at a trip to the store in an entirely new way after this!  Learn about all of the plants that are perfect for your garden from the aisles of your neighborhood store.  This talk will have you looking at your produce, spices and cooking supplies in a new light!

Butterfly Gardening

Learn how to start your own butterfly garden from the ground up.  We will cover:  how to identify and attract local butterflies, learn about the best plants suited to our area, specific nectar and larval host plants for butterflies in Florida.


Creating a Tropical Shade Garden

Trees offer a welcome relief from Florida's intense sun, but there is certainly an art to gardening in shade. Carefully designing where and when shade occurs is a first step and by focusing on plant selection and placement, this session will cover how to use color effectively in deep shade to make those darker areas come alive with color.


Amazing World of Succulents

Succulents and cacti are a great way to add low maintenance plants to your landscape. Join us as we discuss the plants, designs, care and propagation that will make succulents a major part of your garden.


Grow Your Own Herbs

Fresh and savory herbs can be yours with a little bit of care and instruction.  This program focuses on the best herbs for central Florida, growing methods and harvesting process to save you money in the kitchen this season.


MicroIrrigation 101

Take the mystery out of this easy and efficient method by learning about how to easily retrofit an existing irrigation system, create your own from scratch, and modify for pots and hanging baskets.  Microirrigation will be a snap and save you water and money this season.


Fruit Trees for Florida

Growing your own fruit has never been easier.  Choosing the right plants and varieties is the primary step in successfully harvesting your first crop and this presentation will teach about the newest varieties for victory.  Get ready to start planting!


Aroids in the Landscape

From the largest elephant ears to the smallest floating plants, this interesting plant family deserves another look!  We will cover common aroids for the landscape, care and design for the home.


Yard Trouble Solutions

Many common questions have easy answers.  The most frequently asked landscaping questions and problems will be addressed and answered with pointers for a sharp looking landscape that will impress the neighbors. Don’t miss this informative program!


Plant Propagation 101

This talk focuses on simple ways that homeowners can propagate their own plants to save money in their landscaping.  Best methods for starting seeds, cuttings, air layering and division of will be discussed.


Basic Palm Care

Nothing says Florida more than palm trees, but proper care is important in getting these landscape staples to look their best.  This presentation will cover pruning, planting, nutrient deficiencies, and choosing the type of palm that will do best in Central Florida.


Creating Succulent Topiaries

This demonstration shows the process of creating a beautiful succulent topiary.  A combination of presentation and display will go from the process of selecting a frame, to planting, to maintaining your living creation.


Keri lives in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida but is willing to travel.

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