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Kerry Ann Mendez is a 'passionate perennialist' mixing humor with practical tips for creating low-maintenance, high impact gardens. Thousands have been inspired by her approach to breathtaking, sustainable gardens & landscapes. HGTV, national mags..

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The Ultimate Flower Gardener's Top Ten Lists from Zones 3 - 7


Gardening Simplified for Changing Lifestyles: Plant This, Not That.  Change happens.  Many still dream of ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ landscapes but reality has muddied the picture.   Job demands, kids, money, hectic schedules, aging bodies, and changing interests have led to nightmare gardens.  Time for some ‘editing’.  This inspiring lecture provides easy-to-follow downsizing strategies, recommended no-fuss plant material, and design tips for stunning year-round gardens that will be as close to ‘autopilot’ as you can get….

Three Seasons of Outrageous Color from Perennials- Hit the Easy Button
. Discover spectacular perennials for sun and shade that brighten your landscape spring through fall. Many newer varieties will be featured. As one perennial stops blooming, it 'passes the baton' to the next 'winner', concluding with fall bloomers that finish with brilliance. You will also learn helpful garden care tips and shortcuts to maximize color and reduce maintenance.

Remarkable Perennials, Flowering Shrubs and Annuals for Non-Stop Color.  This lecture features new introductions, as well as favorite stalwarts, for easy-care gardens that outperform the competition. Mixed borders provide outstanding color and interest year-round!   Design tips and sustainable practices are included.

Not Tonight Deer. Are you 'fed' up with your gardens being munched by Bambi and Thumper? This enlightening talk will focus on plants that are rarely browsed by deer and rabbits. Also covered will be defensive techniques to hold them at bay.

Design Lessons Learned from Magnificent, Inspirational Gardens.  This beautiful presentation is filled with proven landscaping tips, exceptional plants and lessons learned from gardens that have performed beautifully for decades.  Featured gardens are from England, Canada and the United States.

Design Tips for Knockout Gardens. Gorgeous, low-maintenance gardens are no accident. Learn proven design tricks for sensational gardens that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Topics include selecting great plants including perennials, shrubs, bulbs and annuals. Also discussed will be incorporating focal points, vertical interest, the how's and when's of using fertilizer, and more.

Branch Out in Your Gardening Adventures with Flowering Shrubs. Do you want to add drama, winter interest and colorful flowers to your gardens while reducing your maintenance time? Then include some spectacular flowering shrubs. A colorful PowerPoint will introduce you to some terrific shrubs.

Creating Stunning English Gardens with Yankee Practicality.  Learn great design tips and plant combinations from the gardens of Adrian Bloom, an award-winning garden designer and author from Dis, England.  This instructional PowerPoint features a collection of inspiring photographs taken while I stayed at Bressingham Manor, a B & B in the heart of Adrian’s magnificent seven acres of gardens. The lecture focuses on perennials, shrubs, bulbs, grasses, conifers and annuals hardy for the Northeast, as well as design concepts.

EXTREMELY Low-Maintenance, Gorgeous Perennials by Season. You will be thrilled to discover beautiful perennials that enjoy little hand holding on your part. These beauties enjoy lean soil, little or no fertilizer, less water, or little or no deadheading. They will save you time and money! Presentation includes design tips.

The Art of Shade Gardening - Seeing Your Way Out of the Dark. Shade gardening need not be frustrating. This talk will introduce enchanting perennials for spring, summer and fall color. The presentation also includes design tips and how to care for these beautiful gardens.

Outrageous Foliage Plants Discover how a plant's form and foliage colors, shapes, textures, size and more can play a dramatic role in creating sensational gardens. And the bonus, if not the main attraction, is that these gardens require little maintenance! PowerPoint features showy perennials, shrubs and annuals.


I am located near Boston, MA

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Enthusiastic/ helpful

Jim Peterson from Calimesa - 12/04/2017 17:02:44

At the New England Grows show last week I had a chance to see a talk by Kerry Ann Mendez titled "Remarkable Perennials, Annuals, and Flowering Shrubs. What I appreciated the most was her providing a list of dozens of her favorite plants (along with the zone they grow in) and her specific experiences with each plant on the list. She had used these plants in her own garden or in a design for a client. From this list, I can do further research on any of the plants to make sure it meets all of my requirements. Highly recommend.

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Awful and Misleading

Brendan Keegan from Boston - 11/29/2017 17:03:52

I saw Kerry speak at New England Grows, 2017 and found her presentation irritating and misleading. Kerry presented on native cultivars, that she claimed were good for the environment and good for pollinators. Again and again, she praised the majority of her plant choices, shown on beautiful slides, for having longer bloom times, more (or bigger) flowers, and more vibrant colors that she claimed made them "just great for pollinators!" This is an egregiously bad lie. There is evidence that despite their aesthetic appearance, the majority of native cultivars produce less pollen, nectar, or sugar than their native parentage. As a result, native cultivars are far worse for pollinators than native plants, despite Kerry's repeated claims to the contrary.

After her presentation, I asked her if she knew this and her answer made it worse. She said she was absolutely aware that native cultivars are generally not nearly as good for pollinators as native plants, and even identified a cultivar from her own slides as being "entirely worthless for pollinators" despite having just praised its merits as a good-for-pollinator plant. She said her reason for not addressing this in her talk was that "given the audience, I thought that a broader message was better". In short, she dumbed down her message to just plain lying in front of ~200 landscapers, gardeners, and growers.

The result will be that at least a few of the audience will take the handout (passed to everyone entering the room) which highlights cultivars that she claimed are good for pollinators and use that sheet as a reference when working with clients who increasingly want native, pollinator friendly plants. Instead of using her presentation to educate, all she did was mislead (knowingly!), with negative consequences for the industry and the environment.

Lots of enthusiasm, beautiful photos, but incredibly misleading content.

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Betsy Burgeson from Chautauqua - 11/28/2017 12:28:24

Best speaker I have heard in a while. Great charisma and could relate to wide variety of skill and knowledge level within the audience!

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