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I'm an avid gardener, citizen scientist, author, and speaker, who is passionate about monarch butterflies, as well as photographing nature.

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I am a writer, photographer, and speaker, whose work has appeared in Horticulture, Fine Gardening, and The American Gardener, as well as several industry magazines. I write feature articles for Ohio Gardener, where I also have a regular column each issue, and I write a weekly gardening column in our local newspaper. My photography has appeared in numerous books, magazines, websites, and trade catalogs. I live in rural Northwest Ohio, but love to travel to just about anywhere.


My first book, Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants, which I co-wrote with Jenny Peterson, was chosen one of the Top 20 Books in its category on Amazon in 2013. I've grown houseplants for over 40 years and believe that everyone can grow at least one houseplant well.


My second book, which was released in April 2017, is THE MONARCH: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly. My goal with this book was to bridge the gap between youth monarch butterfly books and textbook types. I wanted to create a kind of one-stop-shop book that gives basic monarch information and then some, with ideas for attracting them to your garden as well as ways even non-gardeners can help bolster their numbers. My book is jam-packed with information, resources, fun facts and projects, and directs you where to go to find information you may not find in my book.


My current favorite speaking topic is how to help pollinators in general, and monarch butterflies in particular. I believe when you help one, you create a favorable environment for so many other living things. I like to think outside the box in regard to the ways we can help and am enthusiastic about sharing my ideas.


In March 2017, I led a tour to visit the monarch butterflies in their winter location in the Transvolcanic Belt Mountains in Michoacán in Central Mexico. What I saw there was awe-inspiring and I love to speak about the experience, while sharing incredible images of thousands of monarch butterflies in one place.


I enjoy sharing my experiences over the last 11 years with monarch butterflies - raising them, gardening for them, and most recently, my trip to Mexico to see them in their native winter habitat in the oyamel fir forests in the Transvolcanic Belt Mountains. I also enjoy sharing photography tips with gardeners who want to capture the essence of their own gardens with beautiful images. In addition, I share my story of how I went from being a registered dental hygienist to being a garden writer, who eventually wrote two books that were published by a traditional publisher.


Northwest Ohio

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Audience Reviews

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Monarch Butterfly

Jean L Erskine from Dayton - 04/08/2019 20:35:21

Excellent speaker. Very organized. Speaks clearly. Good, interesting information. Excellent photos and videos.

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Monarchs Rule

David Banks from Xenia - 03/30/2019 18:35:46

Kylee is a VERY engaging speaker. I learned a great deal about Monarchs and she made the learning fun. I even came close to tears when she showed pictures of the Monarch wintering in Mexico. I was so rev'd up after her talk, I immediately registered as a Monarch Waystation. I am 66 and felt like an 8 year old being exposed to this for the first time. Riveting.

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Praise for Kylee

Kathryny Yingst from Lima, OH - 03/17/2018 17:38:50

Kylee is definitely passionate about her topic. Very personable and knowledgeable about Monarch butterflies. Went right out and bought her book!

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