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40 South Cole Avenue 5F Spring Valley, New York 10977

Marc is now the Managing Horticulturist at The Met Cloisters in New York City. He was formerly the Director of Horticulture at Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey.

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Marc's career has been driven by his interests and obsessions.  In the museum world, he functioned as a conservator, exhibits specialist, and assistant registrar.  He transferred his museum background to the emerging world of multimedia by designing interactive museum exhibits in science and history, and went on to design, write, and produce media for commercial and not-for-profit organizations.

As the lure of cutting edge technical applications began to dim in the late 1990s, Marc began returning to an earlier and less transient interest: horticulture.  College courses in botany and taxonomy had helped kindle his life-long interest in plants and gardening techniques, resulting along the way in obsessions with orchids, bonsai, apple culture, bamboo, and ornamental landscaping.  In 2000, Marc qualified for entry into the Frederick County Master Gardener program and began taking on private horticultural clients.  He eventually helped teach subsequent Master Gardener classes, and delivered numerous talks and workshops for groups throughout the county.  Part-time jobs became a fulltime occupation, culminating in his establishment of a specialty garden center and nursery in rural Middletown, Maryland.  In 2007, Marc moved to Long Island to become Head Gardener at a historic North Shore estate. In 2010, he became property manager of a much larger Hudson Valley estate, featuring extensive ornamental and production gardens, livestock, and a modern greenhouse complex.  He is now working to get his memoir of his experiences as an estate gardener published.


Apples.  Marc has grown heirloom and cider apples, and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of apple culture, lore, and apple products, especially hard cider.

Bamboo.  Many gardeners and homeowners fear bamboo, with some justification.  But with proper selection and cultural technique, bamboo can be an asset in many landscapes.  Marc draws on his personal experience to show how bamboo can be a part of your garden, too.

Bonsai.  Marc has been fascinated with bonsai since his first visit to the National Collection in Washington, DC, many decades ago.  His special interest is in creating bonsai from found plant materials, including wild plants and nursery-grown trees.  His lectures and workshops are aimed at aspiring, beginner, or intermediate bonsai enthusiasts.

Gardens and garden design.  Marc has had the opportunity to travel to gardens around the world, and has designed or worked in quite a few gardens in the Northeast.  He can share his observations and expertise on gardens for special circumstances, estate gardens, and natural gardens.

Orchids.  Marc is especially interested in species orchids and the botany of the Orchidaceae, but he's also happy to speak about basic orchid culture and varieties.

Tree Peonies.  Call them mudan, botan, or Paeonia suffruticosa, the tree peony is one of the most spectacular and misunderstood flowering shrubs.  Marc is entranced by their history, nomenclature, culture, and sheer beauty.

Woody plants.  Trees and shrubs are the backbone of most gardens, and Marc is knowledgeable regarding plant selection, identification, culture, and pruning in the Northeast.



Available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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looking at the landscape as a painter

Ruth Gastel from Dobbs Ferry, NY - 01/14/2016 22:33:28

His talk couldn't have been better. He's a great presenter and what he had to say was interesting and something his audience could relate ato.

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Garden Club Speaker

Ardeth Miller from Connecticut - 10/22/2013 07:48:46

Marc was an engaging and informative speaker with a well prepared presentation. I really enjoyed his personal narrative as he has such a multifaceted background.

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Great Speaker!

Cathy Meyer from Easton, CT - 10/21/2013 17:31:24

Mark gave an excellent presentation to the Black Rock (CT) Garden Club. His slide show was beautifully prepared and it was clear he was very knowledgeable about his subject matter. I would love to hear him speak on other gardening topics.

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