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Marie is a garden writer and speaker, as well as an insatiable gardener. She started on the gardening path as child labor, deadheading her mother's petunias and planting beans. She has gardened her way across the country, growing thousands of plants

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A long time Master Gardener, a former Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator and the former owner of Yore Vegetables, an heirloom seedling nursery, Marie is the current Gardening Guide at About.com  and she muses on her own garen at PracticallyGardening. Practically Gardening pretty much sums up Marie's gardening philosophy - no gimmicks, no glitz, just good old common sense. Practally Gardening, because that's all it takes.

Marie is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables The 100 Easiest, Most Flavorful Vegetables for Your Garden, (Timber Press, 2012) and her 2nd book, The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Northeast, is due in stores early 2014.


Which Came First, the Chicken or the Eggplant?

Starting a vegetable garden is a tempting proposition. Some gardens thrive and some are abandoned before the season is over. Here's some wisdom to put yours in the former category.

Why Grow Old? - Delicious Heirloom Vegetables

Heirloom vegetables are so much more than trendy tomatoes. There's a whole world of flavors that have been passed down from gardener to gardener. Try growing a dragon's tongue, a rainbow or a rat's tail and then try going back to mundane iceberg lettuce and bulk beets.

Practically Gardening

You can read the books and magazines, but nothing prepares you for the frenzy of gardening season. It gets easier with experience, but there's always some new challenge. WIth Practically Gardening, I'll share 5 things I wish I'd known... before I started gardening.

How the Beatles Taught Me to Garden

The road to creating a garden can easily take 8 days a week and leave you crying for help, but the lads from Liverpool have plenty of practical advice to teach you how to let it be. So dig into the back of your closet, pull out those bell bottoms and get ready for four fab gardening imperatives that will make you more in tune and innovative in your own garden. Forget the rules and research. As John Lennon said. "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." Ob-la-da!

A Gardener's Tour of the Hudson Valley

This is where American garden design first took shape. It may have started with the wealthy estate holders, but the garden of the Hudson Valley are as diverse and intoxicating as the area itself.


Hudson Valley, NY

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