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Andrea Wulf is the award-winning author of books which look at the relationship between gardens, the environment and wider political, social and cultural issues – focusing on the human stories, adventures and obsessions. She is a garden club speaker.




Andrea Wulf is the award-winning and New York Bestselling author of three garden history books, including “The Founding Gardeners. The Revolutionary Generation, Nature and the Shaping of the American Nation” (published by Knopf in 2011) and “The Brother Gardeners. Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession” (2009). Her fourth book has nothing to do with gardens but is also concerned with 18th century science and politics - it's called 'Chasing Venus. The Race to Measure the Heavens' (May 2012). Her latest book "The Invention of Nature. Alexander von Humboldt's New World" was published in 2015 - it won the prestigious Costa Biography Award 2015 in the UK, was a finalist for the Kirkus Prize 2015 and was shortlisted for the Andrew Carnegie Medal 2016. It was chosen as 10 Best Books in the New York Times. 

She has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times, the Financial Times, LA Times, The Garden and Kew Magazine, and reviews for several newspapers, including New York Times Book Review. The Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement and the Mail on Sunday.

She is a well know garden club speaker and garden event lecturer who has lectured widely to large audiences at the Royal Geographical Society, Kew Gardens and Royal Society in London, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Monticello and the US Botanic Garden in Washington DC amongst many others. She is a three-time fellow of the International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello. In 2011 she gave 50 talks about the "Founding Gardeners"

She is a regular contributor on BBC radio and television, and has appeared on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. She co-presented a four part garden series on BBC in 2014.

Both 'Founding Gardener' and 'The Invention of Nature' were on the New York Times Best Seller List.

For more information and past venues please see her website

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Talks are around 40-45min plus time for Questions & Answers. They are usually accompanied by a slide show (PowerPoint) but can be adapted to your requirements.

I don’t believe in talks that are ‘read’ from a piece of paper but that even the most complex topic can be brought alive by the way it is presented – lively, entertaining and passionately.

Founding Gardeners:

This talk offers a fascinating look at the revolutionary generation from the unique and intimate perspective of their lives as gardeners, plantsmen and farmers. For the founding fathers, gardening, agriculture and botany were elemental passions, as deeply ingrained in their characters as their belief in liberty for the nation they were creating. Andrea Wulf reveals for the first time this aspect of the revolutionary generation. She describes how, even as British ships gathered off Staten Island, George Washington wrote his estate manager about the garden at Mount Vernon; how a tour of English gardens renewed Thomas Jefferson's and John Adams's faith in their fledgling nation; how a trip to the great botanist John Bartram’s garden helped the delegates of the Constitutional Congress to break their deadlock; and why James Madison is the forgotten father of American environmentalism. Taken together, these and other stories are a revelation of a guiding, but previously overlooked ideology of the American Revolution. The Founding Gardeners adds depth and nuance to our understanding of the American experiment, and provides us with a portrait of the founding fathers as they've never been seen before.


The Invention of Nature. Alexander von Humboldt's New World:

On 14 September 1869, 25,000 people marched through New York to celebrate the centennial of the birth of German scientist Alexander von Humboldt. The next day, the New York Times devoted its entire front page to the festivities. Humboldt was described by his contemporaries as the most famous man in the world after Napoleon. Though almost forgotten today – at least in the English-speaking world – his name still lingers everywhere from the Humboldt Current running along the west coast of South America to the Humboldt penguin. In North America alone there are four counties, thirteen towns, a river, bays, lakes, and mountains named after him. An intrepid explorer and visionary scientist, Humboldt’s restless life was packed with adventure and discovery, whether climbing the highest volcanoes in the world, risking his life in the Amazonian rainforest or racing through anthrax-infested Siberia.

What made Humboldt so famous was that he had come up with the revolutionary idea that the natural world was a web of life – a unified whole where everything was correlated. He predicted human-induced climate change as early as 1800. He wove together hard scientific data with art, history, poetry and politics. Humboldt saw nature as a global force and became the most interdisciplinary of all scientists. 

He was a man of contradictions who inspired thinkers and revolutionaries alike. Thomas Jefferson was his friend, as was Simón Bolívar who called him the ‘discoverer of the New World’. Charles Darwin said that Humboldt was the reason why he boarded the Beagle, while Sierra Club founder and father of the National Parks, John Muir aspired ‘to be a Humboldt’. Henry David Thoreau, found in Humboldt’s books an answer to his dilemma on how to be a poet and a naturalist – Walden would have been a very different book without Humboldt.

In this beautifully illustrated talk Andrea Wulf vividly brings this last polymath back to life, taking us on a fantastic voyage in his footsteps – and his ideas as they go on to revolutionize science, conservation and preservation, nature writing, politics, art and the theory of evolution. In THE INVENTION OF NATURE, she reintroduces us to a lost hero of science and the forgotten father of environmentalism, showing us why understanding his vision of the world has become more necessary today than ever before. Humboldt was, after all, as one contemporary said, ‘the greatest man since the Deluge’.

For a short 5-min video about the book, please see link below:


The Brother Gardeners:

 In this beautifully illustrated talk Andrea Wulf tells the story of a small group of 18th century naturalists that made England a nation of gardeners. It’s the story of a garden revolution that began in America when the farmer John Bartram sent hundreds of boxes filled with seeds that would transform the English landscape forever. There is also the London cloth merchant Peter Collinson who distributed Bartram’s seeds; Philip Miller, author of the Gardeners Dictionary, the cantankerous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, and Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander who joined Captain Cook's Endeavour on the greatest voyage of discovery of modern times. Together they introduced the lustrous evergreens, fiery autumn foliage and colourful shrubs that shaped the Georgian landscape; they brought science and rational thought to horticulture; and risked their lives to find new exotic blooms and towering trees. Friends, rivals, enemies, their correspondence, collaborations and squabbles make for a riveting human drama set against the backdrop of the emerging British empire and America's magnificent forests. As botany and horticulture became a science, the garden became the Eden for everyman.


Chasing Venus: 

In "Chasing Venus" Andrea Wulf tells the extraordinary story of the first scientific collaboration - set admid warring armies, savage weather and bitter rivalries. On two days in 1761 and 1769, astronomers across the world cast their eyes to the sky to witness a rare sight: Venus travelling across the face of the sun. The two transits were to become the most significant astronomical events in scientific history, as by recording the path of Venus and comparing results, these men hoped to calculate the dimensions of our solar system - one of the most pressing questions of the Enlightenment. 'Chasing Venus' is told as a race across the world and features a cast of some of the most recognisable names in world history - Benjamin Franklin, James Cook, Mason and Dixon, and Catherine the Great amongst others - 'Chasing Venus' is a thrilling adventure story, a tale of personal tragedy and obsession, and an inspiring account of Enlightenment science and man's quest to understand nature. 



"Andrea gave a compelling and wonderful profile of the founders gardeners. Andrea perfectly matched our 'Celebrity Lecture Series' and drew crowds that matched her own celebrity as an important author of history.  We are very grateful for her appearance. I do hope others see the value of her scholarship and wonderful speaking style to engage her in their institutions," Van A. Romans, President, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

“Andrea was charming and very knowledgeable, and the talk was extremely engaging. We greatly enjoyed learning about this more human aspect of the Founders through her meticulous research,” Adele Uphaus–Conner, James Monroe Museum, Fredricksburg

“The Poplar Forest event was a big success on many levels.  Financially for sure, but we saw an audience that we rarely see, which speaks well of our future.  We also now know we can have a Poplar Forest event away from Poplar Forest!” Robert Clark, Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Corporation for Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

"Andrea Wulf provided the perfect keynote lecture for the 2011 Conference on Restoring Southern Gardens and Landscapes: 'A New World: Artists and Naturalists in the American South.' Andrea's energetic and personable introduction to the brother gardeners and the founding gardeners skillfully guided us into that 'new world' and set the standard for the following two days of cutting-edge scholarship and colorful exploration."  Sally Gant, Director of Education, The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Old Salem Museums & Gardens, Winston-Salem, NC.

"Andrea Wulf brought history to life when she addressed a group of modern-day patrons of historic Washington College. Andrea’s lively talk brought James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the College's founding patron, George Washington, alive as she discussed their gardens, their personalities and their ideas about nature and politics. Andrea was a wonderfully flexible presenter (she agreed to talk outdoors on the banks of the Chester River), and her engaging style and vivid descriptions really brought the scenes in her beautiful book, Founding Gardeners, to life." President Mitchell B. Reiss, Washington College, Chestertown, MD

 “Andrea presented a fascinating lecture at Colonial Williamsburg to a packed auditorium on her latest book,Founding Gardeners.  This crowd of Virginia history and garden buffs thought they knew their founding fathers and Early American gardens until Andrea captured their attention and imaginations with a compelling narrative full of new insight and information.  Andrea’s research offers a different side of America’s first Presidents, and her presentation is thought provoking, engaging and humorous.” Trish Balderson, Manager, Museum Education, The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg

“Huge success! Andrea was a rock star and had all 72+++ ladies spell-bound with her animated delivery and talk chock full of fascinating facts and anecdotes.  It was, of course, the largest crowd we could seat + a few extras. We sold all books and could have sold two more boxes! Everyone said it was the best ever talk,” Jennie Reynolds, Garden Club of America Bulletin Chairman

"Andrea Wulf provides an intriguing look at an aspect of the Founding Fathers that deserves our attention. Gardening was a source of recreation, education, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation for them; their gardens served as both scientific laboratories and spiritual sanctuaries. Andrea’s work illuminates a significant part of their lives – and our understanding. Her graceful writing and invigorating delivery make her book and her programs delightful experiences for readers and audiences." Jayne Gordon, Director of Education and Public Programs, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston

“Even on the tail end of an extensive cross-crounty book tour in the States, Andrea appeared fresh and captivated our audience with her informative-yet-lively presentation on Founding Gardeners on Martha's VineyardAndrea is a dream guest speaker, from her pre-event organization and quick-response emails to her engaging question-and-answer sessions. Being an island, the Vineyard can prove a challenging destination. When faced with a last-minute cancelled flight, requiring a more arduous traveling option, there were no diva hysterics. ‘Isn't she great,’ said a neighbor who had heard Andrea speak in Baltimore. Indeed she is.” Pamela Street, Martha's Vineyard Garden Club

"Andrea Wulf is a great speaker and brings her subjects to life--Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison.  The audience at the Chicago Botanic Garden loved her, and we had to stop the question period or they would have kept her all evening telling us more about our Presidents' love of gardening and horticulture." Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr., Vice Chairman, Chicago Botanic Garden 

"A lecture by Andrea Wulf captivates, entertains and informs her audience.   Author and historian, her story about America’s Founding Gardeners appeals to all.  Andrea is so comfortable with her subject and in her method of presentation that one feels as if they are sitting in a private study being read a wonderful story by a captivating and delightful lady", Dean Norton, Director of Horticulture, Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, May 2011

“Andrea’s talk on the Founding Gardeners was superb!  Her research and insights revealed much more about our Founding Fathers than most of us had known.  And her easy but informed delivery made it a most engaging evening.  Many, many thanks”, Winterthur Museum, May 2011

“Andrea Wulf is pure intellectual pleasure!  Our program, at The Mount Vernon Club in Baltimore MD, was a full house event.  Not only is Andrea fully informed about her subject, but she also has an incredibly engaging personality and sense of humor. Never have we received so many joyful follow-ups, letting us know how wonderful the event was. Also, after her talk, we sold a large number of her two books, which was a financial plus for the club.” The Mount Vernon Club, Baltimore

“Andrea Wulf was a delight to have as a speaker for our organization.  She knows her topic well and presented it in a lively and interesting manner. She presented a history lesson disguised in humor and interesting anecdotes. Andrea was also a joy to work with in the organizing of our event. There was never any confusion about the details or what she required in the way of computers, screen etc. The income from the sale of her books added to our full house made our fund raiser even more successful. By having Andrea as our guest speaker we were able to draw a new group of people with her different slant on our American History. I’m looking forward to the release of her next book and hope to get her back again”, Gayle Delashmutt, President Emeritus, The Mosby Heritage Area Association

“Andrea Wulf was a tremendous hit at our spring event, attracting one of our largest groups ever and graciously signing books for our guests afterward. Her captivating presentation and depth of knowledge engaged the group immediately and held their attention throughout -- no mean feat with an audience comprised of individuals with extensive knowledge of either gardens or James and Dolley Madison or both!" Ann Lawrence Grasty, Director of Major Gifts at James Madison's Montpelier, April 2011

“Andrea captivated the audience not only with her engaging and energetic speaking style, but also with the fascinating content, based in solid and impressive research. Everyone who attended left with a much richer understanding of the 18th century and the American peoples’ relationship with the land. We are having her come back in September as the key-note speaker for the 18thConference on ‘Restoring Southern Gardens & Landscape: A New World: Naturalists and Artists in the American South’.” Paula Locklair, Vice President for Education, Old Salem Museums & Gardens, April 2011

“We were thrilled to have Andrea Wulf back in Nashville to speak about her new book, "Founding Gardeners".  She has built quite an audience here in Nashville attracting many old friends and making even more new ones.  Ms. Wulf has a way of appealing to any audience.  Her passion for the subject, mixed with her engaging presentation style are a perfect combination for a highly successful event.  As long as she keeps writing, we will keep inviting her back to Nashville Public!”, Elyse Adler, Special Projects Administrator, Nashville Public Library, April 2011

“Andrea was a smashing success as she spoke to our Master Gardener sponsored community event.  Gardeners, history buffs and academics were all captivated by her engaging presentation: down to earth, spunky, witty, informative, and entertaining.  She charmed the group with her outtakes on the Founding Gardeners and responded well to audience questions, a further endearment.  We enjoyed her immensely.”, Susan C Fedor, Vice President, SC Midlands Master Gardeners Association, Columbia, SC, April 2011

“Andrea Wulf is a delightfully poised and polished speaker, one fully at ease and comfortable.  She weaves her creative insights into historical relationships with humor, enthusiasm, and a captivating style.  Andrea is both engaging and informative, a blend of talents that is rarely seen or heard at the podium. She is a tremendous asset to any speaking schedule.” Karen LaFleur-Stewart, President of Greater Greenville (SC) Master Gardeners, April 2011

“Andrea Wulf brings her fascinating, thorough research to life with informative and inspiring lectures that help to enlighten our understanding of horticultural characters and issues of the past, many of which shed light on our plant world today”, Holly H. Shimizu, Executive Director, U.S. Botanic Garden, April 2011

"Andrea Wulf is a great speaker for lay or academic audiences.  At Chelsea Physic Garden she took us on a trip to the making of modern America. She has the gift of the good historian: by offering a convincing interpretation, through revisiting afresh well used primary sources and investigating new and less orthodox materials, she rekindles debate. The audience was captivated by the story and Andrea’s expansive answers to a wide range of questions served to support further her erudition. Andrea Wulf is a charismatic and engaging speaker, generous too in finding and making local links. In our case the connection of Chelsea Physic Garden was wonderfully highlighted when Andrea told us that one of the books Washington most referenced to was The Gardener’s Dictionary, written by Philip Miller, head gardener at Chelsea Physic Garden from 1722 to 1771.", Dawn Kemp. Manager, Chelsea Physic Garden, Feb 2011

"Andrea Wulf entertained a mesmerized audience, sharing her well-researched information on a topic dear to the devotees of Middleton Place where plant exchanges throughout its history have enhanced the landscape." Sallie M. Duell, Chairman, Middleton Place Foundation, Board of Trustees, May 2010

"The world of "The Founding Gardeners; How the Revolutionary Generation Created the American Eden" was the perfect presentation for an Evening Conversation at Monticello, home to one of those founding gardeners, Thomas Jefferson. The story encompasses patriotism, political thinking, intrigue, and passion - whether it be about nature, gardening, agriculture or landscape design. In her own inimitable way, Andrea Wulf once more shared her scholarship with an audience whom she also charmed and entertained. A delightful way of learning, and a definite recipe for success!" Mary Scott-Fleming, Director of Enrichment Programs at Monticello's International Center for Jefferson Studies, May 2010

"Andrea Wulf brings the Brother Gardeners’ activities, adventures, and successes alive with exceptional skill, combining clear storytelling with a delightful sense of humor that simultaneously fascinates and instructs her listeners.  Her lecture at the Missouri Botanical Garden was one of the best that I’ve heard." Peter H. Raven, President, Missouri Botanical Garden, May 2010

"Andrea Wulf’s presentation to the Daughters of the Cincinnati and the National Society of Colonial Dames in New York was both enlightening and entertaining. The Brother Gardeners speaks to our members’ interests in both Colonial history and gardening and rewarded us with surprising and delightful information about both." Rolly Woodyatt, Executive Director, Daughters of the Cincinnati, April 2010

“Andrea spoke in our flagship lecture programme – the biggest in Europe – to an audience of 550. She spoke with knowledge, enthusiasm, passion and humour - one of our best speakers this year.” - Dr. Rita Gardner, Director, Royal Geographical Society, London

"Andrea Wulf engaged her audience with the same curiosity, respect, and affection she showed for the personalities and the gardens in The Brother Gardeners. In her delightful presentation she introduced us to a cast of characters who were opinionated, generous, and one of a kind. Andrea made them materialize in the room and on to the grounds of the Adkins Arboretum." - Roger Tilden, Adkins Arboretum Docent

"We were delighted to have Andrea Wulf share the story of the Brother Gardeners with our Patrons. The audience was immediately captivated by the animated and accessible way in which she guided us through the fascinating world of 18th century botanical discovery. It was the second opportunity I had had to listen to Andrea present, and on both occasions she pitched her talk perfectly for the different audiences, making perceptive use of anecdotal references to keep them highly entertained throughout." - Kate Bower, Patrons Manager, The British Library

"Andrea is a compelling storyteller. She brings the history of a passionate group of botanists, gardeners, philosophers, and more to life, making the tale relevant to us today. We were so pleased with her talk on the Brother Gardeners, that we have invited her to be our keynote speaker for our annual symposium in 2011 focused on Franklin, science, and history! “- Dr. Marcia Balisciano, Director, Benjamin Franklin House, London

"Not only is Andrea Wulf's presentation engaging and delightful, but is also based on scholarly research and understanding of her material. Her charming personality and light sense of humor helped to make this a standing room only event." - Louise Turan, Executive Director, Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia

“Andrea's event at Bath Litfest 2009 was a definite audience favorite. Andrea shared her own extensive knowledge with vitality and humour, allowing every member of her audience to come away not only entertained but feeling like they had acquired some of her expertise. Her illustrated talk was in perfect balance, supporting her engaging talk and is a wonderful example of how it should be done!” - Zoë Steadman-Milne, Literature Festival Producer, Bath Festivals

“Andrea Wulf gave a talk on ‘The Brother Gardeners’ to a public audience in the Royal Society Library in April 2008. She was an excellent speaker, engaging her audience from the start with a clear and entertaining presentation style, using humour and personal anecdotes alongside her detailed historical knowledge. Her talk was one of the highlights of our 2008 lunchtime lecture series, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea as a speaker.” - Rupert Baker, Royal Society Library Manager, London” 

“Andrea Wulf's vivacious lecture told the story of the creation of the Britain's gardening craze. With lovely illustrations and great insights into the lives of little known English and American botanists she constructed a fascinating window into this forgotten world. Most interesting were the tales of adventure and hardship which resulted in the discovery and propagation of many of our most familiar garden plants. I can recommend her wholeheartedly.” -  Tina Graham, Events Manager, Georgian Group, London

“Andrea Wulf has an admirable talent for uncovering the telling human moments from history that bring our past to life. She is a natural storyteller who uncovers the just-right anecdote and detail that turns a heap of dry facts into a memorable experience. Her presentations are a literary delight.” - Deanna Larson, Nashville Public Library, Nashville

“Andrea Wulf is a delightful and fascinating speaker. I can personally attest to the fact that you don’t have to be interested in plants or gardening to be swept up in her presentation as she infuses it with compelling history, personalities and even juicy gossip and scandal. Andrea has that rare ability to focus on the specific detail and in the telling, reveal the Big Picture and how her subject matter illuminates it. Based on the presentation she gave us, I would book an Andrea Wulf appearance on any topic, confident that she would make it come alive. She also happens to be a warm and lovely person who enjoys meeting and talking with her readers – the type of guest we’d all like to have back.” – Mark Olshaker, Executive Director, English-Speaking Union of the Nation’s Capital, USA

“Andrea Wulf is an excellent writer and speaker with a special talent for bringing history to life.  When she speaks to a group, she obviously has a scholarly understanding of the subject and the additional capacity  to make it lively and entertaining. Her book, 'The Brother Gardeners', clearly demonstrates her outstanding ability as a writer. When I heard her talk about “The Brother Gardeners” at the Academy of Natural Sciences, I realized that she is also an outstanding speaker. Few have her command of the written and spoken word.” - Alfred E. Schuyler, Curator Emeritus of Botany, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

“Your name comes up whenever we talk about the excellent programming we offer here at the library. I am happy to recommend you as a speaker who is knowledgeable, charming and entertaining. It's not very often that a person can master historical details so well and then bring complex characters to life so delightfully for both a popular audience and scholars. Your presentation was completely wonderful: engaging, packed with juicy details and plenty of food for thought, precisely the right length, and great fun.  I thought the questions were excellent - obvious evidence of the impact your ideas were making on everyone who attended.  By the way, we have never sold out of books at an author event before.  Bravo!” - Katherine Powis, Librarian, The Horticultural Society of New York

"Andrea Wulf tells a great tale that is also both exceptionally deep and exceptionally accurate. Her history of the rise of the distinctly English Garden in the 18th century is surprisingly appealing to an American audience, as one of the major figures in the garden transformation is the American botanist John Bartram. Her account of the personalities behind this garden history makes for a delightful and entertaining presentation."  - Joel Fry, Curator, Bartram’s Garden

"Andrea Wulf gave a talk to the American Friends of the Georgian Group about her book 'The Brother Gardeners'.  Her talk was engaging and lively, and her visual materials coincided perfectly with her presentation.  Her research of the early history of horticulture was of great interest to our group, and kept everyone's attention throughout the talk.  Many interesting questions were raised by the attendees, which Andrea answered precisely.  We all look forward to her return, to inform us of her latest discoveries." - John Kinnear, Director, American Friends of the Georgian Group

"It was a great pleasure to have Andrea Wulf present a talk about her book ‘The Brother Gardeners’. Not only is it one of my favourite books but due to Andrea's lively presentation the event was one of the most interesting and captivating we have ever hosted here at Review bookshop." - Roz Simpson, owner Review bookshop, London

“Andrea's talk was an uplifting contribution in the dark months just after Christmas. She reminded us about the interconnection of gardening and plant collecting between Great Britain and America. She gave an entertaining and thought-provoking talk that held us captive and encouraged everyone to buy her book and understand the history behind the English obsession with their gardens.” - Robert Gifford, Chair, Stony Stratford Literary Circle

“In January 2007 Andrea Wulf gave the Annual Lecture for the Friends of Greenwich Park at the University of Greenwich and I was responsible for making the arrangements. From this point of view she was utterly reliable, well-organised and a pleasure to work with. Andrea has a lively nature and expert knowledge of her subject matter; her delivery displayed both. She is also sensitive to the audience and able to adapt her emphasis and presentation to suit the occasion. I noticed this beforehand (when we discussed the proposed content of the talk), during (as the audience responded), and after the talk (during questions which demonstrated the degree of interest she aroused in the audience) when she spoke animatedly, often away from the specific subject matter. The audience were pleased with the occasion and she clearly engaged with them on the topic - the English fascination with gardens - into which she skilfully incorporated references of local significance.” - John Mitchell, Vice Chairman, Friends of Greenwich Park

“Andrea is a very clear, competent and lively public speaker. Her lecture on ‘The Brother Gardeners’ was well planned and executed and she held the audience's attention throughout.” - Sarah Oldridge, Adult Education Co-ordinator Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

“I’m pleased to endorse Andrea Wulf as a well-informed speaker and would recommend her as being a professional and entertaining lecturer. Andrea gave two talks to the Friends of Chelsea Physic Garden about her books ‘This Other Eden. Seven Great Gardens and 300 Years of English History’ and ‘The Brother Gardeners’.” - Rosie Atkins, Curator, Chelsea Physic Garden

“Andrea Wulf's talk did something rather extraordinary – it brought the gardens and the gardeners of This Other Eden to life, enchanting an audience with no particular specialism in either botany or history.  Full of keen insights with wonderful visuals her lively talk was the best sort of scholarship with a light touch. The Kit Cat Club's speakers are usually from the worlds of politics, literature, media, arts, fashion and business: we have never had a talk on historic gardens before and we are delighted to have had this one from Andrea.” - Alice Sherwood, Chairman, The Kit Cat Club, London



For a short 5min film about the book, please see here:


Andrea Wulf is based in London, Britain but comes several times a year to the States to lecture.

Outside these lecture tours other arrangements can be made depending on dates, costs and travel expenses. Please contact me on aw (at) for more information.

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Audience Reviews

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Wonderful speaker, engaging talk

Deborah Borrowdale-Cox from Lexington - 07/23/2017 10:33:26

Andrea Wulf presented the keynote talk for our museum/garden event in Lexington, Kentucky. Her talk was as engaging as a conversation with a long-lost friend, filled with fact and anecdote, information and inspiration and wonderfully presented. Her mastery of material and skillful blending of cultural and political history contributed to her thoughtfully curated content. We were all challenged and delighted with her presentation.
Additionally, I must commend Ms. Wulf on being the ideal speaker-prompt, well-prepared, flexible and charming. I recommend her without reservation.

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Memorable Evening

Karen Taylor from Cincinnati, OH - 07/20/2017 10:31:03

Andrea’s lecture on The Invention of Nature was a delightful evening. The crowd was at sell out capacity and offered a robust standing ovation in response to her talk. We were thrilled to have her visit Cincinnati and share her knowledge of such an influential figure in the study of nature, conservation and ecology. At a time when important decisions are being made about protecting nature, Andrea Wulf’s reintroduction of Alexander von Humboldt to the public could not be more timely. Through the story of Humboldt’s life and influence, Wulf reminds us all how dependent our species is on our environment. The Nature Conservancy was privileged to be a part of this evening, bringing Wulf to Cincinnati to share her insights on this genius and ecological visionary. Andrea is a true story teller. Her ability to bring to life the adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt and provide fascinating detail about the research process she underwent to uncover the story made for a memorial experience.
Karen Taylor, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

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Fabulous Lecture!

Joseph Capone from Washington Crossing, PA - 06/28/2017 13:58:46

Andrea’s lecture at Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA) was a big hit with our staff and audience. She delivered an engaging, vivid and well-researched talk on the "Founding Gardeners" and graciously met with attendees after the lecture. We received numerous compliments on the event and highly recommend Andrea for organizations and institutions looking for a unique historical lecture.