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David Perry has been making photos on assignment for more than 35 years. His thoughtfully chronicled journal, A Photographer’s Garden melds his interests in photography, gardening & helping others deepen their experience in the art of seeing.

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The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal cut flowers and the people who grow them, design them and buy them.


David Perry is an inspirational photographer, a willing teacher and a captivating storyteller who brings the unique insights and skills garnered in his thirty-plus years of worldwide, on-location photo assignments for major corporations, ad agencies, magazines and book publishers to each new project he encounters. And he's a lot of fun. His very popular blog, A Photographer’s Garden, which he started publishing way back in January, 2007 brings thousands of readers together each week through garden tours, thoughtful essays, seasonal imagery and playful photographic assignments and contests that readers actively participate in. Onstage, in workshops and in the classroom he is a spirited, dynamic and slightly irreverent speaker, and makes his presentation topics memorable and relevant to audiences through the ample use of clever graphics, breathtaking imagery, playful humor and by never, ever talking down to them. Here's a comment after his presentation, Garden Photo Magic: Mastering your Point-and-Shoot Camera at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. "I just had the fortune to be front row, center, for your inspiring, irreverent, and way too short presentation at the NW F & G Show. Checked out your blog last week when deciding which seminars to attend. Going to read every word of it when I get back home...Thanks for an amazing talk!" Barbara, North Pole, AK.

In addition to his ongoing assignment work for a variety of garden, agricultural and corporate clients, David offers private breakfast workshops in his own garden, group workshops wherever a group of like-minded learners chooses to gather and currently teaches classes in both storytelling and photography at Bellevue College. He was co-creator of The 50 Mile Bouquet, chronicling the world of seasonal, sustainable and organic cut flowers with author, Debra Prinzing.


Garden Photo Magic: Mastering your Point-and-Shoot Camera

As you might imagine this amply illustrated lecture promises to be a surreal combination of Dr. Phil type lets-get-real, truth-telling and Jerry Springer-ish nonsensical hype, all while entreating you to go ‘Barry White’ (slow hands, baby, slow eyes) on your little, underappreciated point-and-shoot cameras.  (Just kidding about Jerry Springer.) Targeted at all levels of gardeners and hobbyists who are a bit intimidated by their digital point-and-shoot cameras, this presentation assures a certain amount of laughter while learning, through illustrated examples, dozens of anecdotes and more than a hundred groovy photos shared with generous dollops of irreverent fun. Check out some of the playful slides from this presentation in the gallery beneath my photo.

The Year in Flowers: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Floral Ingredients. 

During each month of the year, the garden can offer something wonderful to those who want to enjoy cut floral arrangements indoors. Expand the way you view your own backyard, the flowers sold by vendors at your local florists and farmer's markets and even the "weeds" and branches in your area's wilder places. In this presentation you will discover how to grow, glean, harvest, gather and/or simply source floral design ingredients - in every season. Photographer and popular garden blogger David Perry takes an unconventional approach to floral design, and he'll share his personal relationship with bouquets, flowers, flower growers and floral containers in a lecture illustrated by his evocative images. This lecture is adapted from "A Fresh Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers," his forthcoming book with author Debra Prinzing.

The iPhone Gardener: Seeing, Picturing & Sharing Garden Magic With Your Smartphone

The cameras within smart phones these days are miniature wonders that are nearly always within our reach and that are delightfully capable of making magical photographs that can quickly and easily be shared. Spend an hour with photographer, longtime blogger and storyteller, David E. Perry as he demonstrates some of the amazing potential that these smart phone cameras offer, as he helps you both master their wonders and sidestep some of their inherent pitfalls, and as he explains why, in addition to the pictures he captures on his iPhone camera, he also regularly imports photos made with other cameras, even his professional cameras, into his iPhone so that he can work on them within several of the very inexpensive and creative iPhone apps, to give them beautiful 'looks' that he would find it difficult to achieve otherwise.

Weaving a Delicious Garden Tale: How to Find and Then Tell the Story of A (Your) Garden in a Way People Will Remember.

Once you have begun to master the basics of picture taking, the next logical step for many is figuring out how to weave those pictures, with words into quick little stories that friends and acquaintances can share and appreciate. Learning to be a good observer, finding the story that is just asking to be told, making pictures that help tell it and then using simple, affordable tools to enhance your pictures and weave them together with quotes, or your own words into collections and engaging stories is a really fun way to become more intimately acquainted with your garden. It is also a wonderful way to graduate from mere snapshot taker to storyteller, and to have more meaningful content to offer your friends on your Facebook page or in your holiday newsletter.

Join photographer, longtime blogger and storyteller, David E. Perry as he walks you through some of the basic steps of finding and then telling a garden's story, including several of his own simple, photo-enhancing tricks to becoming a more inspiring garden storyteller.

Picturing Your Garden in Winter: 

Want to capture the beauty of your winter garden and bring it inside? In this seminar, David will inspire you to make the most of winter, exploring the wide range of possibilities for garden-related photography in this least likely of seasons. Immerse yourself in the beauties of winter through an illustrated slide presentation, insightful images and explanations of how to photograph your winter garden, care for camera gear in cold weather and even set-up for indoor photo sessions on days too stormy to head outdoors. Bring your cameras (point-and-shoots welcome) for equipment tips. The lecture will be geared toward point-and-shoot camera owners but include information that should challenge and intrigue all levels of photographers, covering both indoor and outdoor photo opportunities and even touch on making groovy, garden-related pictures with your flatbed scanner.


Macro in a Mason Jar & Other Simple Tricks: How to Get Great Close Up images Without Tripping Over a Tripod.

In this presentation we will explore several low-tech methods and techniques, using simple household items that can help attendees vastly improve their garden photo quality and up their shooting odds. Impress your friends. Impress yourself. Learn ways to experiment and play your way to really yummy garden and nature photographs!


Seattle, WA

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Audience Reviews

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Fun in Photography

Michele Kemper from Issaquah, WA - 01/27/2013 12:45:45

Witty, compelling storyteller that takes the intimidation out photography. As a new hobbyist, I have taken other photography classes & seminars. David ranks up there with the best of the best. Can't wait to head outside and lay in the dirt with my camera!

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Excellent, Engaging Speaker

Carol Michel from Indianapolis, IN - 08/03/2011 20:16:15

I've had the pleasure of listening to David present twice now and learned so much each time. He presents photography information in such a way that you leave convinced that you and your little camera, however humble, are capable of taking great pictures. Highly recommend.

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one of the best

barbara wise from Tennessee - 08/03/2011 08:14:43

With a teacher's heart and an artist eye, David will take an audience to a new level in how to approach photography. Even the non-photography-minded listeners will leave with a new perspective on how to view everyday life around them.