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17301 191st Avenue NE Woodinville, Washington 98072

Susie Egan, owner of Cottage Lake Gardens, a private garden & plant nursery in Woodinville, WA, is a landscape designer, garden coach, writer and lecturer on various gardening topics from WA Native Plants to Wonderful Plants with Winter Interest.



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Susie Egan is the owner of Cottage Lake Gardens, a landscape design business as well as a private garden and plant nursery located in Woodinville, Washington. The garden hosts many garden tours for garden clubs, horticultural organizations and master gardeners. Susie also gives talks on many gardening topics from Washington Native Plants to Wonderful Plants with Winter Interest.

Susie’s focus in recent years has been the study and propagation of woodland shade plants and spring ephemerals particularly Trillium, an endangered wildflower which she grows from seed.  Cottage Lake Gardens is one of the only gardens that grow almost all of the 47 different species of Trillium and many are available for purchase. In the spring, the “Trillium Tea, Talk & Tour of the Trillium Trail” is legendary and scheduled a year in advance.


Gardening with Native Plants

The class will enjoy viewing a colorful and interesting PowerPoint presentation where they will learn more about the big trend toward planting native plants, why it has become so popular and how you can create a beautiful and earth-friendly home garden by incorporating them into your garden.  You'll learn which native plants work best in urban gardens and also how they provide the added benefit of providing shelter and food for the wildlife.  And did we mention they are low-maintenance as well?  Susie Egan will cover all types of native plants from native trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns and groundcovers. She’ll also provide resources such as great websites, books, and places to obtain native plants. Many of the pictures were taken at Cottage Lake Gardens. 


Botanical Latin

This fun talk will give you a better understanding of Botanical Latin and why botanical names are so important, it’s interesting history and how Linnaeus created this binomial system in the early 1700’s and is still in use today.



 Trilliums and a Tour of the “Trillium Trail”

This is my most popular talk about the legendary wildflower, Trillium.  No other wildflower brings up childhood memories of seeing trillium bloom in spring.  The talk is a delightful journey into the world of Trillium showing different trillium species in almost every color imaginable, their evolutionary history, how they reproduce in nature, where to see them including a tour of Cottage Lake Garden’s infamous Trillium Trail.


The Magical and Mysterious World of Spring Ephemerals

Come learn about those sweet little woodland gems, the earliest wildflowers to unfurl during the warmth and light of early spring. This is a delightful talk and PowerPoint Presentation with many beautiful pictures of these wonderful spring ephemerals including Trillium, Dodecatheon (Shooting Stars), Trout Lilies (Erythronium), and Hepatica.  You will learn all about them and how you can grow them in your own gardens.  Many of the photos were taken at Cottage Lake Gardens.  


 Wonderful Plants for the Winter Garden

This is another one of my most popular talks.  Did you know there are many trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcover that provide beautiful winter interest to the garden whether with winter-blooming flowers, scents, fruits, seeds or colorful foliage?  In this class you will enjoy viewing a colorful and interesting PowerPoint presentation showing these plants that grow in our region including many photos taken at Cottage Lake Gardens.  


Putting the Garden to Bed & Winterizing the Garden

Find out what you should do in your garden in the fall to prepare it for winter and make your garden chores easier come spring.


Wonderful Plants for Fall Color

This talk includes a colorful PowerPoint slideshow of the different trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcover that have beautiful fall color here in the Northwest. 


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Last Seminar-More Than Worth the Wait!

June Kerseg-Hinson from Olympia, WA - 02/24/2012 01:03:28

In every regard, Susie, your presentation was professional. For me, the high points included, but not necessarily in the following order: outstanding images, highly familiar & knowledgeable about plant material, appropriately placed/succinct titles, botanical & common names, and meaningful groups of plants. Your style of presentation was affable, well organized and welcoming. What more could a participant want?

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Another Great Presentation!

Catherine James from Redmond, WA - 02/14/2012 13:08:32

I have seen Susie Egan's presentations on plants for the winter garden and native plants through the Redmond Garden Club meetings. Her talks have been wonderful! I was thrilled to be able to see Susie Egan's presentation at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this past week on Spring Ephemerals as well. Susie has a terrific knack for clarifying her information in a way where the novice gardener can understand everything, while the advanced gardener is still immersed in fascinating new content. Her photos are a real feast for the eyes and her cheerful passion for plants is always contagious!

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GREAT Talk on Spring Ephemerals!

Lucy Nesse from Washington - 02/13/2012 14:48:02

Yesterday, I attended the talk given by Susie Egan, A Symphony of Spring Ephemerals - Woodland Gems to Bridge the Seasons, at the NW Garden Show in Seattle. I have been to several of her talks and have ALWAYS walked away with some new information/knowledge. Not only is was the talk packed with education, but the presentation was colorful and blended beautifully with this year’s Garden Show’s theme – A Floral Symphony.

I believe the reason her events always grab my interest (and other’s interest) is primarily due to her passion for woodland flowers; especially Trilliums. You can’t fake passion; it has to be at the core of any successful business. Well, Susie E. of Cottage Lake Gardens (Woodinville) has it and her passion filters into everything she does! Thus, she and her business thrive as do her woodland plants!