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For over a decade Linda has been exploring the world thru gardens wandering in 800 gardens on five continents, in 31 countries & 50 US states. She shares her insight & discoveries thru engaging programs illustrated w/ nature’s beauty & curiosities


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A Traveling Gardener, 

   wandering, wondering, noticing. . . . .

Linda Larson is an advocate for the importance of public green space and the value of nature in our lives. A lifelong lover of flowers, Master Gardener, Faculty Emeritus of Mesa College and gardener in Mesa, Az for over 30 years. Linda writes a monthly "Traveling Gardener" column for the Maricopa County Master Gardener newsletter, Roots & Shoots and AFGC State Newsletter, Greenleaf. One of her earliest memories is of daffodils lining the winding stone path to her grandmother’s door. Linda encourages audiences around the country to discover the beauty and enjoyment of public gardens at home and in their travels. In 2014 she visited 140 gardens in the U.S., Canada and Australia.


Continually exploring gardens everywhere she goes, she entertains readers and audiences as she shares her insight and discoveries. Her inviting website offers readers the opportunity to be whisked away on a mini vacation through her colorful narratives and lush photography.


She has released her first collection of essays pulled from her series, A Traveling Gardener. Based in Phoenix’s desert valley, Larson brings readers along on her travels both home and abroad, with a gentle directive that you too, can slow down, notice and enjoy nature’s beauty no matter where you travel.The Traveling Gardener, Wandering, Wondering, Noticing…is available on Amazon. It features a collection of illuminating essays and dazzling photographs that take you on a virtual tour of gardens, some grand and famous, and some surprising jewels hidden away from the mainstream. Part travelogue, part assurance, the essays spotlight the dedication, inspiration, whimsy, healing and discovery involved in cultivating a living, ever changing garden visit.





Potting Up Plants, An Illustrated Story of the History & Fashion of Flower Pots

Since the beginning of time plants have moved around the world. Call them what you choose---flowerpots, plant pots, containers or tubs---pots brought plants from all over the world to our own little spot of earth. The pots we find in our gardens today are the result of the evolution of available materials for making pots, the development of plant science, and even fashion.


“Potting up Plants” is an illustrated look into the rich history and various styles of flower pots as well as the universal garden wisdom provided by these vessels.  Beautiful images from gardens of the world will be presented by columnist Linda Larson, A Traveling Gardener, wandering, wondering noticing. . . .  Linda has traveled to over 800 gardens in 31 countries and all 50 United States.  She is always trying to find room for just one more flower pot in her home garden.   



The Art of Gardening

Since Gertrude Jekyll declared creating a garden is a fine art equal to painting or sculpture, gardeners have eagerly used elements of color, line, form, and composition. So it’s only natural the art masterpieces of gardens on the walls of great museums and masterpiece gardens throughout the world influence our own backyard gardens. Indeed our gardens become our living artistic creations: and like art, affect us, move us, and touch our emotions. As a result, we turn to gardens not only to nourish our bodies but also for conversation, recreation, and to restore our spirit. Illustrated with original images from public and private gardens around the world highlighting ideas to delight and inspire listeners to design their own masterpiece gardens. 


The Best View of Our World: Through a Garden!


Gardens provide perfect destinations. Indeed, exploring the world through gardens is a captivating way to travel. Every visit reveals stories about the challenges to create a garden as well as the gardeners who plant the seeds. In a garden, you discover the architecture, the power & social struggles of the time.  Weaving stories from personal travel to over 800 gardens in 31 countries this is a visual adventure that will inspire you to venture down garden paths. Exploring the world one garden at a time this program is illustrated with nature’s beauty, curiosities, and wonders.


Remarkable Trees

Please join me on a journey as we encounter remarkable trees from around the world. Trees grow older, bigger and stronger than anything else in our world. They feed us, shelter us, make us oxygen, amaze us and sometimes annoy us.  Throughout human history, we have celebrated trees in story, song, and verse. Yet trees are often an overlooked, silent backdrop with their limbs reaching into the sky, yet without trees, there is no us!  This program is an inspiring and life-affirming story of the importance of nature in our lives.




Mesa, AZ

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Entertaining and Educational

Sheron Jeanenne Dailey from Terre Haute - 07/27/2019 16:15:57

Linda has provided our group (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Indiana State University) with three presentations. Each one was outstanding for many reasons.

First of all, Linda prepares carefully and is thoroughly informed. With some speakers, you feel that they are telling you all they know on a topic. With Linda, you always feel as if she could say much more if only she had the time. This extensive knowledge makes her perfectly able to answer virtually any questions. In addition, she laces her speeches with wit and humor as well as charming personal anecdotes.

I've often heard the purposes of public speaking divided into three categories: to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Remarkably, Linda is able to combine all three in one speech. In fact after her most recent presentation entitled "Potting up Plants" several people mentioned that they couldn't wait to buy their next pot!

In short,, Linda's ability to communicate with an audience is exceptional and delightful.

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Lots of BIG ideas!

Susan from Phoenix - 06/25/2019 09:21:36

Linda’s presentation of Art of Gardening inspired me to think big about the options for my own garden. Her images from gardens around the world displayed so many ideas that I could adapt right now. Entertaining examples, great sense of humor, she put on a terrific program!

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Awesome Presentation

Vicki Merrill from Sun Lakes, AZ - 05/07/2019 18:26:32

Linda Larson presented at the Sun Lakes, Arizona Garden Club and was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. The extent of her travel and the number of gardens that she has visited and described in vivid detail was amazing. Linda is very inspiring as to applications for my own garden and for making garden viewing a top consideration when selecting vacation destinations. I highly recommend Linda Larson for your next garden club or gardening event.