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Meleah Maynard is a Minneapolis-based writer and Master Gardener who speaks frequently on how to avoid common gardening mistakes, building good soil and getting rid of weeds without chemicals, new plants for cold-climates and organic gardening.

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Meleah Maynard is a journalist, speaker, and master gardener who has written about everything from how to cook chicken on a beer on a beer can to how a Minneapolis art curator helped recover stolen antiquities in Iraq. Her first book, "Decoding Gardening Advice: The Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations," was co-authored with Jeff Gillman and published by Timber Press in 2011.

In addition to her "Everyday Gardener" column, which she has written for Minneapolis' Southwest Journal since 2008, she is a columnist and feature writer for Northern Gardener, the magazine of the Minnesota Horticultural Society.

Her articles, essays and columns on various gardening topics have also appeared in many national magazines and newspapers, including Garden, Deck & Landscape, Gardening How-To, History Channel and Midwest Home.

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1.New Plants for 2015: If you live in a cold climate, Zone 4 or below, this presentation is for you. Of the many introductions for 2015, Meleah has chosen more than 30 to cover in this presentation that includes colorful photos of each perennial, tree and shrub, as well as a handout with details about each plant.


2. Decoding Gardening Advice: Ever wonder whether the gardening advice you hear is true? Well so did Master Gardener Meleah Maynard and University of Minnesota Horticulture Professor Jeff Gillman. Together they researched some of the most common recommendations to help gardeners understand what advice is good, debatable or just plain bad. Does urine make good fertilizer? Should trees really be staked? Is landscape fabric as bad as it is ugly? Find out during this presentation. 


3. Common Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Avoid Them

All gardeners make mistakes, but it sure would be nice to avoid the expense and back pain associated with some of them. This fun presentation covers a whole mess of mistakes gardeners at all levels make.


4. Building Good Soil Naturally

This how-to presentation shows gardeners how to feed their soil, not their plants. We'll cover a wide range of organic amendments like kitchen compost, composted manure, grass clippings, leaf mold and worm castings, as well as organic fertilizers such as cotton seed meal, alfalfa meal, Milorganite, bone meal and fish emulsion.



Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55410

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Engaging Presenter

Jeannie Schubert from Shakopee, MN - 01/15/2015 18:24:45

Meleah presented at our Garden Club and was knowledgeable, humorous, and reached out to experienced gardeners as well as the "newbies". Highly recommend her.

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2014 West Ottertail Garden Day

Tonya McKinnell from Erhard, MN - 04/30/2014 11:08:19

Meleah is an engaging speaker who discusses topics that are current and essential for every home gardener.

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EOT Hort. Day co-chair

Carol Rethemeier from Perham, MN 56573 - 04/15/2014 19:59:00

Meleah did an excellent job as our keynote speaker. She is an excellent educator presenting knowledge with humor mixed in so
a person could listen for a long time.