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1937 Kelton Avenue Los Angeles, California 90025

David King has lectured for UCLA Extension (Gardening and Horticulture Program as well as the Sustainability Certificate). He is highly regarded by his students who find his lectures fast paced, content heavy and funny with tough questions answered.

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An instructor for UCLA Extension's Gardening and Horticulture Program for the past twelve years and about fifty years of gardening experience under his fingernails, King as been down a row or two in the garden. But that isn't enough to make a good speaker. With his off-the-wall sense of humor and his passion for the topics, King is a talented and engaging speaker with not only the data, but the experience to support his reasoning and the ability to formulate a vision that works.  While he is entertaining, it's not a fluff.  There is real dirt here.

In teaching situations, King is often given the 'after-lunch shift' most instructors abhor because that is the most difficult time to maintain interest with sleepy students.  One liners and provocative questions leading to the heart of the subject are stock in trade.  As students laugh, they are led to understanding complicated topics like soils and soil ecology, seed saving, plant breeding, grafting and other gardening topics that are more often approached with fear and loathing.  King brings a reverence for history and the knowledge of agriculture that spans generations - calling often on what he learned from his grandfather and keeping the past relevant.  What works? What can we do today - now?  How do you grow the food you want and need?

He has taught rose propagation to pre-schoolers (they asked, so why not?) and seed starting at a senior center.  He has the gift of knowing his audience.  One of UCLA Extension's most loved gardening instructors, students vote with their class selection often choosing to take every class he offers knowing they'll get the data in an atmosphere that will make the learning stick.  


Seed Saving for Gardeners, Seed Libraries In Our World, Gardening To Lower Our 'Foodprint' In the World, Gardening Without Pesticides At All ("Post Modern Organic Gardening"), Backyard Food Production, Growing Food in Southern California, Introduction to Organic Gardening, Gardening For A Sustainable Future, How & Why To Save Your Own Vegetable Seeds, Diversity and our Broken Food System, Seed Breeding and the Abundance of Nature vs. the Scarcity of Industrialized Agricultural Production.


Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Debbie Kozin from Sherman Oaks - 06/02/2012 23:57:24

David is a wonderfully engaging speaker and teacher. He shares deep knowledge of his subject with humor and patience! I would and do travel miles to hear him speak.

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One of the best

Marlou Russell from Santa Monica CA - 05/31/2012 23:53:23

David King makes gardening accessible, interesting, and enjoyable. One of the best speakers I've heard on gardening and seed saving. King is doing amazing work inspiring teens and people of all ages to get back to the garden.

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I definitely recommend!

Nathalie Deschatres from Los Angeles - 05/31/2012 00:47:00

David's passion and knowledge of all things gardening is undeniable.