Katie Elzer-Peters

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407 Kelly Road Wilmington, NC Wilmington, North Carolina 28409

Looking for an engaging speaker for your Master Gardener Group, Garden Club, Rotary Club or special event? Katie speaks about a wide variety of gardening topics accompanied by full color photo presentations.

w: www.thegardenofwords.com

e: katie@thegardenofwords.com


Katie has lived and traveled extensively to botanical gardens around the United States. She can speak on a variety of topics including:

-Botanical history

-Landscape design history

-Garden design

-Hands-on Gardening

-Floral design

-Children's gardening

-Public Gardens


Wilmington, North Carolina

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Audience Reviews

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Informative, Applicable and Enthusiatic

Chris Toma from Virginia - 01/29/2012 15:32:14

Katy is an enthusiatic and informative speaker. Asked to speak on marketing products to Gen Y'ers, she did just that - giving both kudos to those displays that reach that audience and ideas as to how to reach the targeted audience...great presentation. Just wish she had more time!

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Gen Y Appeal

Linda Adams from Orlando, FL - 01/26/2012 14:17:56

Katie was a fun and interesting speaker at TPIE. She perfectly provided the dynamics and topic which we requested and was well received by the audience. You can depend on Katy to do a great job.

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Pruning workshop

brenda from wilmington, nc - 01/14/2012 13:10:16

Katie provides easy to understand concepts as well as several visuals to make learning pruning seem doable!