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Bronxville, New York 10708

Kim speaks, teaches, writes + consults on EcoBeneficial landscapes + native plants. She's a Certified Horticulturist, an Accredited Organic Landcare Pro +Certified Naturalist. Kim teaches at NY Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden + Go Native U.





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Kim is an Environmental Horticulturist specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants. She teaches at the New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Native Plant Center in NY and several other institutions. Kim is an active speaker on many ecological gardening topics, presenting to garden clubs, nature centers, Audubon Society chapters, beekeepers, and other organizations interested in environmental improvements. Kim also provides horticultural consulting to homeowners and commercial clients.

In addition to being a Certified Horticulturist through the American Society for Horticultural Science, Kim is a Master Gardener, a Master Naturalist, an Accredited Organic Landcare Professional and a Steering Committee member of The Native Plant Center.

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Westchester County, New York

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outstanding review

Carolynn Murphy from brooklyn ny - 03/31/2017 09:59:55

I have always been environmentally concerned and after hearing Kim speak I was moved to take even more action! She is knowledgable and enthusiastic about the subject of ecological gardening and presents the material is such a clear and fun manner that i was on the edge of my seat while listening to her. She is so inspiring and I can't wait to take another one of her classes!

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Great Lecture -Than You

Ginger from Darien - 03/10/2017 16:16:31

It was a pleasure to host Kim's Bees to Trees Lecture. Everyone I spoke to after the lecture thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and found much to think on. Her handouts were very helpful and her slideshow easy to follow with great information. My husband loved her data on the percent our our national water going to "green deserts" and the decline in species. I was thankful for Kim's explanation as to why butterfly bushes are harmful despite the fact that they bring so many butterflies.

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Highly Recommended

Emily Amodeo from Lloyd Harbor, New York - 03/08/2017 10:08:45

I would highly recommend Kim Eierman as a speaker on pollinators and native plants. She delivered an excellent presentation, Eco-Beneficial 101, that was an informative and inspiring call to action, underscoring the urgent need to be better managers of our private green spaces along with simple, concrete suggestions to immediately improve these small ecosystems that can add up to big change. She was knowledgeable, engaging, and many funny moments lightened the tone of her talk—overall, a big hit and we look forward to bringing her back in the near future.