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Christina has been making learning about gardening fun for over 20 years. A Seattle area based horticulturist, speaker, garden writer and co-author of "Fine Foliage". Christina has entertaining ways to explain plants and design for everyone!





Why do you need Christina Salwitz as your next speaker? Because she is a lot of plant and design expert in a small space! As a spirited and lively speaker all around the country, Christina exudes enthusiasm for all things Horticulture.


As The Personal Garden Coach, Christina is not only a horticultural guidance counselor; she is a "Hort-Head" of the first order, a writer of plant passions, and a container gardening fashionista! She makes gardening about saving labor, time, and money; and above all having fun.

As a Seattle based horticulturist, speaker, garden writer, and co-author of "Fine Foliage," Christina has spent more than 20 years working with the public in all capacities in nurseries, teaching for Renton Technical College, as well as having her own business as "The Personal Garden Coach". In addition to writing for traditional garden media publications, she also writes for industry publications for the horticulture trade.

Her own home garden and those of her clients are frequently featured in her blog and she is a proud founding member of The Garden Designer's Roundtable-

Christina has never missed a year of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. After creating a display in 2011 that received rave reviews, she will be a featured speaker at the 2013 show!

Co-author of the soon to be released (March 2013, from St. Lynn's Press) "Fine Foliage", Christina has become a nationally recognized authority on designing with foliage, designing with containers and garden trends. She has written on these topics and more for a number of well known magazines, such as Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Birds and Blooms, and Green Profit and continues to act as a resource to garden authors and columnists across the country.

In the fall of 2013, Better Homes and Gardens magazine will feature Christina and her container designs.

Whether it’s a magazine, a blog, garden club meeting or horticultural conference, Christina brings wit and garden wisdom to inspire and educate any audience.


Christina Salwitz has more than 20 years teaching, writing, and speaking as "The Personal Garden Coach" which have lead to a large list of available speaking topics. Here are some of the most popular titles, easily tailored to suit your groups level of expertise or demographic.

Confessions of a Foliage-a-Holic- A 12 Step Program: Seemingly innocent, beautiful and alluring leaves draw you into a web of horticultural dependency that begins with a quick trip to the nursery and ends up with you swooning and plotting your next foliage hit!

Pots of BOLD- Designing with Containers for Drama  Container gardens are much more than just a plant that sits pretty. They have become a practical option in the expensive world of garden design. They offer MUCH more flexibility and return on investment than you may realize! This class teaches you about great design ideas as well as how to get the most for your nursery dollar.

Lawn 101Surprising ways to low maintenance and organic: This class is structured with very detailed information to build on in other landscape topics in your life. From a quick overview in soil biology to fertilizer 101, you are going to come away SHOCKED at how much labor, time and money you are going to save on your lawn maintenance.

Eat Your Landscape- Designing with Edibles: Do you want a beautiful yet practical AND useful landscape? Then this is the class for you! The next generation of gardeners wants to conquer edibles not as a segregated "garden," but as part of the family landscape. This class will teach you easy ways to design with your palette in mind.

Tips and Tricks for Low Maintenance Landscapes: Want to save labor, time and money in the landscape? Learn the ways that you can make money saving decisions when designing or re-furbishing a landscape. "ROI" is the name of the game in this fun and informative class.

Curb Appeal for a New Generation- It's Not Your Grandpa's Front Yard Anymore!: The "Leave It To Beaver" lawn all the way up to the front door is a thing of the past. Today's homeowners want to create a warm welcoming atmosphere from the curb that may include a water feature, edibles in the landscape, containers as focal points, specialty designs with specimen plants and more to increase the value of the home. This class will offer new ways to look at your entry from a Real Estate Agents point of view that will also suit your design ideas.


New Home, New Yard, Now What?- Going from Overwhelmed to WOW!  Whether you are starting from scratch or starting over with an older landscape it can be completely overwhelming. When you go to the nursery where do you start? Do you hire a Landscape Architect, a Landscape Designer, or a Garden Coach? In today's expensive world of landscaping, it is easy to make costly mistakes. This class takes you through the steps if you are a DIY weekend warrior or simply want to write a check and watch the action. No matter which direction you choose, saving labor, time and money are a top priority in this informative class.


Seattle, Washington

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Beyond the Plant Tag

Aimee Coker from Charleston, SC - 10/14/2016 13:29:45

Your program “Beyond the Plant Tag” was wonderful… you all presented such fresh ideas as far as plant combinations…. all of which were so inspiring

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Eye-candy, Information & Smiles

Robin Haglund from WA - 02/29/2016 16:13:21

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Christina's photo-rich gardening sessions, go. She's an engaging speaker with lots of great planting and design ideas to offer. Plus, her talks are never dry. If you like to laugh and learn, Christina's talks are for you!

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Excellent speaker!

Kristin Crouch from Delta - 02/19/2016 06:03:39

Christina is such an engaging speaker and really knows her plants and how to use them in the landscape. I listened to her at the Northwest Flower and Garden show and really enjoyed the energy she brings to her presentations. Now I really must get her book.