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915 Dixie Street Carrollton, Georgia 30117

Enjoy being entertained and inspired by floral expert, Sharon McGukin. Sharon captivates her audiences by demonstrating fast, easy, fresh flower tips and techniques. Your attendees will learn, laugh, and leave with exciting, new DIY decorating ideas.





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Sharon McGukin - Floral Expert, Speaker, and Author of Flowers of the heart.

Enjoy the best in floral edu-tainment! Sharon McGukin (Mc-Goo-kin) shares educational tips and entertaining insights that can 'take the fear out of flowers' for your audience. With forty years of design experience, Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI is known nationally for her floral expertise, Southern charm, and easy, approachable manner with audiences. 


Named by Floral Management Magazine as one of the top ten Floral Rock Stars, Sharon McGukin inspires audiences to 'Celebrate Life with Flowers!' A Past-President of AIFD - the American Institute of Floral Designers, Sharon has designed in almost every state in the US and internationally, as well. A member of the prestigious Smithers-Oasis Design Director Team, Sharon offers tips, trends, and techniques the flower pros know and use. A sought after floral speaker, Sharon's multi-media presentation will be tailored for your meeting or fund-raising event. She incorporates speaking, designing, prepared handouts, video, or PowerPoint, as needed, to meet the goals of your floral presentation.


A wireless microphone, elevated stage, and focused lighting are highly recommended to create the ultimate floral experience for your audience.To prepare for a hands-on demonstration, Sharon will need a day of flower and container design prep, and a modest budget for flowers and supplies. She will provide a suggested procurement list, prior to the event. Some attendees may volunteer, in advance, to provide some of these items from their homes such as floral containers, garden greens, etc. This two-day prep and presentation format generally requires the provision of an overnight stay in a hotel.


A book signing of Sharon's book 'Flowers of the heart' can be offered immediately following your event. See for details regarding this beautiful book of flower photos offering wedding information and useful floral design tips.


For additional information, presentation fees, and date availability - contact Sharon McGukin via email at, or call 770.832.1897 to speak with Sharon personally. 


Programs can be customized to the interests of your group. Suggested topics:


Inspired by the Space -

Sharon McGukin offers inspiring tips for arranging flowers in your home with ease.

  • - Choose five eye-catching spaces

  • - Collect five perfect vases (one for each space)

  • - Decide on your favorite flowers for each special place

  • - Make a list a of several flower choices for each season (based on local availability)

Add natural beauty to a room for your family or decorate the house quickly before guests arrive by simply adding a few fresh flower faces to your favorite vases in those special places. Enjoy impressing your friends and family with your new flower-savvy talents! 


What’s your floral signature?

Your signature style is the ability to express the personal taste that defines you to others.

A floral signature is a visual fresh flower statement that conveys your 

  • - Personality and attitude 

  • - Eye for beauty

  • - Enthusiasm for things you love

Your floral signature represents you in flowers. For example, a romatic might choose roses as their floral signature; someone who prefers simple elegance might choose orchids and a person who lives very casually might prefer daisies. Sharon McGukin offers tips for expressing yourself - learn to communicate your signature style with flowers in your home, gifts to friends and decorations for special celebrations. 


Celebrate life with flowers!  

Flowers are life’s affordable luxury; Sharon McGukin shares fast, easy tips for using flowers to celebrate your special events.

  • - Learn how you can easily create designs that highlight special occasions, holiday events, and family celebrations with fresh,              fragrant flowers.

  • - Make your family and friends feel like special guests at your table when you create these simple designs 

  • - Inspire a celebration by appealing to the five senses at your events

  • - Celebrate someone – give these flowers as gifts

  • - Use candles to ‘lighten up’ 

Like good food, fine wine, and comfortable surroundings –  flowers enhance quality of life. Research from Rutgers University shows that flowers can create instant delight and increase life satisfaction. Celebrate your life with flowers!


Flowers are Fun! (Children's Program)

Sharon McGukin shares fast, easy hands-on tips for teaching children that ‘flowers are our friends’.  Kids enjoy the fun of creating their own arrangements and taking them home to enjoy or give as a gift.  This program includes:

  •  A ‘flowers are our friends’ handout

  •  A small, simple arrangement that each child designs

  • Flower care & handling discussions

Place flowers in the hands of children and watch their smiles bloom! This program encourages kids to have fun while enjoying nature and using their hands to be creative, at the same time.  Flowers are fun!



Sharon McGukin travels across the US and Canada on a regular basis presenting hands-on presentations to audiences. She is also available to speak before international events. Call today to schedule a floral demonstration for your organization or organize a ‘Flower Talk Tour & Book Signing’ for local floral groups, Garden Club meetings, Botanical Gardens, or Museum programs in your region to share travel expenses.

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