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Holland, Michigan 49424

Looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate speaker? Susan Martin is an avid gardener, writer and speaker for gardening audiences across the U.S. She is a perennial specialist with experience in communications, new plants and garden design.

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Susan Martin is an avid gardener who has spent 20 years working in various branches of the Horticulture Industry. She began in independent garden center sales before opening her own garden design and maintenance business which focused on installing unique plants to suit her clients’ individual styles. Her career advanced into sales, marketing and merchandising for large wholesale plant companies including over a decade at the largest wholesale grower of perennials in the United States. She is currently a freelance horticultural marketer, writer, speaker and consultant based in West Michigan.


In the words of those who have attended Susan’s talks…


  •   “I want to thank you for the great lecture you gave for the Association of Professional Gardeners. Lots of people give “new for this year” kind of talks, but most are just pretty pictures. Your talk gave us useful information about what is new, why it is better, and how to grow it. It was really enlightening to see the old and new photos side by side and your presentation was packed with ideas I can use in the future.”  --L. Jury, Meadowbrook Hall Garden Club


  •     “No one knows perennials better than Susan Martin. She knows what’s special about older varieties and what actually makes new varieties better. She is a respected professional in our industry and gives dynamic presentations to organizations that want to learn about plants and what’s new in the plant world.”  --J. Hofley, professional garden writer and speaker


  •     “Your talk was outstanding!  Excellent content and you are a great speaker. Both beginning and veteran gardeners can learn from your presentation.”  --E. Hofley, Publisher of Michigan Gardener


  •     “Excellent course!  It did not sound like a sales pitch like I’ve heard from so many other company representatives before.  Bring this speaker back next year!”  --Landscaper, Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course


  •     “Susan is a knowledgeable speaker who draws from a lifetime of gardening experience. She shares practical tips that home gardeners can put into action right away. The audience loves her sincere understanding of what is possible in the garden as her information comes from the heart and hands-on practice. Susan spoke at our Proven Winners Outdoor Living Extravaganza this year where she was on the docket with a garden celebrity, however, Susan was rated the favorite speaker of the day by our audience. I would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.”  --D. Ernest, Former Proven Winners Public Relations Director



New Spin on Old Favorites - Comparing new and old varieties of perennials side by side and discussing the improvements


Gold Standard Perennials - If you could only choose one purple coral bells, pink coneflower, or reblooming daylily, which is the best one?


Beauty by Design - Design principles are universal, whether you're talking gardening, fashion, or home decor. If you can dress yourself, you can dress your garden. 


Formula for Retail Success - Geared towards retailers, this presentation will help business owners gain increased market share from female customers and the next generation of gardeners.


Moving Beyond Pretty--Plants with Bonus Points - Let's look beyond the pretty flowers and discover unique varieties of plants that offer something extra like food for pollinators, greater durability, winter interest, vivid color in shade, and more. This presentation can be customized for consumer and trade audiences.


Lessons Learned Under the Trees - A decade of gardening under the trees has taught Susan many lessons and ignited her passion for shade gardening. Find life beyond hostas in this beautiful, engaging presentation.


Holland, Michigan 49424

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Audience Reviews

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Great garden speaker!

Liz Dutton from Kenosha wi - 03/17/2019 22:37:39

First rate! I learned! I laughed! I loved every moment listening to Susan’s talk on gardening under the trees. I wish I could get the chance to hear ALL of her presentations!

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Lessons learned under the Trees

Heidi Hennessy from Greendale - 03/17/2019 09:44:14

Susan is an excellent presenter. Her great sense of humor complimented her knowledge and experience

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Rotary Botanical Gardens Spring Symposium

Janice from WI - 03/16/2019 17:54:36

Top notch speaker. Susan really knows her plants, and has an excellent speaking style. The talk was well thought out and very informative. Her visuals were excellent. I would love to see her speak again.