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Holland, Michigan 49424

Looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate speaker? Susan Martin is an avid gardener, writer and speaker for gardening audiences across the U.S. She is a perennial specialist with experience in communications, new plants and garden design.

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Susan Martin is a freelance horticultural marketer, writer, speaker and consultant based in West Michigan. Working in numerous branches of the horticulture industry for the past 21 years, she has gained experience in independent garden center and mass merchant sales, merchandising, landscape and container design and installation, new plant development and introduction, branding, and numerous marketing efforts at the trade and consumer levels.

Susan enjoys sharing her passion for plants, gardening and the business of horticulture with her fellow gardeners and colleagues daily. Her home garden has been featured in Garden Gate and State by State Gardening magazines and has received visitors from around the world. She invites you to take a tour through her garden with her at @Gardener Sue’s News on Facebook.



Gold Standard Perennials - If you could only choose one purple coral bells, pink coneflower, or reblooming daylily, which is the best one?

Lessons Learned Under the Trees - A decade of gardening under the trees has taught Susan many lessons and ignited her passion for shade gardening. Find life beyond hostas in this beautiful, engaging presentation.

A Designer's Tapestry: Weaving Together Color, Texture and Structure in the Garden - When you experience an extraordinary garden, its beauty is obvious and often felt deeply, but the dynamics of what makes it beautiful aren't always immediately recognized. How can we intensionally create gorgeous gardens, harmonious spaces and well-designed landscapes? The process begins with mastering the use of color, texture and form. In this presentation, we'll learn from talented professional designers and passionate self-taught gardeners alike how to artfully combine plants in mixed borders and curate spaces you'll love to live in.


Formula for Retail Success - Geared towards retailers, this presentation will help business owners gain increased market share from female customers and the next generation of gardeners.


Moving Beyond Pretty--Plants with Bonus Points - Let's look beyond the pretty flowers and discover unique varieties of plants that offer something extra like food for pollinators, greater durability, winter interest, vivid color in shade, and more. This presentation can be customized for consumer and trade audiences.


Building Your Tribe: Creating Loyalty and Meaning in a Global MarketplaceBuilding a loyal following doesn’t happen overnight. It is earned through consistent interaction that comes from a true desire to help others. Let’s examine how meaningful bonds are formed with customers through a diverse marketing portfolio including social media, influencers, community events, stellar service, garden coaching and more. You’ll walk away motivated to do better this season, armed with practical tips you can share with your staff today. 



Holland, Michigan 49424

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Lessons Learned Under the Trees

Betty Peters from Rochester Hills - 05/13/2021 13:17:53

Susan's presentation at our Gardening and All That Jazz Conference on shade gardening was so informative and enjoyable. she had such beautiful pictures and such good advice for shade gardening.

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Review of "Lessons Learned Under the Trees"

Margaret Sowle from Owosso - 04/17/2021 15:55:29

Susan presented the above program at Gardening and All That Jazz on 4-17-2021 for Master Gardener Society of Oakland County. This was one of the best presentations that I have heard on growing in the shade. She has a lot of knowledge from personal experience.

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Cindy Wampler from IN - 03/13/2020 21:19:00

I enjoyed hearing Susan speak at Newfields plant symposium in Indianapolis Winter 2020. She did an excellent job of sparking excitement and joy in creating beautiful gardens. Thank you Susan!