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Boston, Massachusetts

An award-winning designer and author, Karen aims to demystify and democratize fine gardening. She wants every last member of the audience to leave with news they can use. Become empowered with practical tips, tricks, and designer secrets.

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While working as a management consultant in England, Ireland, France, Spain, and Canada - I was stricken by the difference in how Americans treated their landscapes and gardens. I began to see how it affected our quality of life and saw that there was an opportunity to signiicantly contribute something meaningful by speaking and writing about it. It isn't that we can't understand classical gardening, it's that we are exposed to fewer examples of it in our daily life than are our European counterparts. Once certain principles and practices can be recognized - they can be practically applied, and better results more widely enjoyed. My interest in your group is long-term. I succeed in arming every member of an audience with news that they can use.  Permit me to shorten the learning curve through my hard-won distillation of secrets, tips and tricks for finding yourself more uplifted in any space.



Business Degree - Westminster College

Master Gardener - Pennsylvania State University

Winner  - Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Great Gardens Contest - 3 years running

5 Gardens Included in Pittsburgh Botanic Garden's Annual Horticultual Tour

Designer of Pittsburgh Botanic Garden's Pioneer Entrance Garden

Designer of Merrick Art Gallery's Victorian Wedding Garden 

Contributing Author - Storey Publishing

Contributing Author - Michigan State Gardening Magazine

Contributing Author - Chicagoland Gardening

Contribuitng Author - State by State National Website

Contributing Author - Historic Gardens Foundation Review


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Creating a Continuous Succession of Bloom

Knot Gardens: Their History and How to Install One

Labyrinths vs. Mazes: Their History, Purpose, and Meaning

Chicken Keeping Gardens: Predator-proof and Pristine

Landscaping versus Gardening: A uniquely American Conundrom

Making Gifts from Your Garden

Creating Focal Points


Boston Massachusetts

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