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4 Bellclare Cir Baltimore, Maryland 21152

An enthusiastic speaker, Claire enjoys speaking to garden groups on a variety of topics, including decorating the White House for Christmas. A long time beekeeper and landscape designer, Claire has been featured in Chesapeake Home and Style Magazine.

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At the Philadelphia Flower Show Gardeners Studio


Looking for an engaging speaker for your Master Garden Group, Garden Club, or Flower Show? Claire speaks on a wide variety of gardening topics, conducts workshops, all accompanied by full color presentations of original photos. An owner of a landscape design/build service, Claire has served as the Director of Baltimore area garden clubs and is a master judge and judges Horticultural shows. A professional horticulturalist, Claire blogs and has won awards at The Garden Diaires

Whether it's a blog, a garden club meeting, or horticultural conference, Claire brings a fresh and engaging perspective to inspire and educate any audience. 






Claire draws her inspiration from her own home and garden and her landscape design business, plus pens the popular gardening blog, The Garden Diaries. A garden stylist and garden coach, Claire is very active in Garden Clubs at the local and national level. A citizen scientist and a professional certified horticulturalist, Claire regularly judges at the Philadelphia Flower Show and teaches classes for Master Gardeners and Garden Club members. 

Behind the Scenes at the White House Christmas

Selected in 2011 to decorate the White House for Christmas, Claire shows you the behind the scenes story behind transforming the White House in just one week to a Winter Wonderland.


Plant It and They Will Come! Secrets on how to attract beneficial pollinators and honeybees 

The plight of the honeybee and other native pollinators is on everyone’s mind right now and we need to get the word out on the best practices on attracting the whole array of pollinators which are becoming endangered.


Beautiful Landscape Design/Before and After-Solutions to Common Landscape Problems     

Working in the landscape design business for over 20 years, Claire has designed both small and large properties to enhance curb appeal as well as to create unique outdoor living spaces. See how the pros tackle common problems in the landscape and at the same time beautify with low maintenance solutions.


Creating Miniature Gardens/Terrariums-Using miniature plants, accessories, and the right container will create a whole new world

Have you ever wanted to create a terrarium or miniature garden from scratch? Learn the best way to plant and maintain your own miniature world with a workshop/presentation for something to take home and treasure.   


Nativars and Native Gardening to support wildlife and pollinators

With the loss of habitat that is happening across the globe for wildlife, it is up to us as gardeners and stewards of the land to step in and provide eco habitats for all our endangered pollinators. Learn which plants and other secrets to attracting the most diverse number of wildlife to your yard.


Monarch Butterfly Way Stations

Monarchs are in trouble! And we need to learn how to stem this tide of plummeting numbers of Monarchs by providing specific plants and habitats to encourage their numbers to increase.


Grow and Arrange Your Own Floral Bouquets

We can become “Farmer Florists” in our backyards, no matter how small. By growing annual and perennial flowers that last in arrangements, we can start with good raw materials. The next step is learning how to arrange simply and inexpensively so we can enjoy fresh flower arrangements in our homes.


Beekeeping and Best Gardening Practices for Beekeepers

If you were ever curious on how beekeepers manage their hives, extract honey, and plant their gardens specifically for honeybees, this presentation is a “must hear”! See how Claire catches swarms and takes care of her hives and bees for a fascinating talk.


Containers with Pizzazz! Creating Striking Containers

Anyone can plant a container, but with this presentation, Claire’s container ideas will inspire you to go home and try new plants, containers, and designs!  


Trade Secrets:Secrets to Great Floral Arranging

Have you wondered how professional florists do those fabulous arrangements? Learn secrets of the trade to create your own beautiful arrangements that can save you money and be a lot of fun!


Right Plant/Right Space

Part of landscaping knowledge is choosing the right plants for your location and environment. With Claire’s over 20 years of plantings for clients, learn what plants she uses over and over for beauty, durability, and out of the ordinary appeal.


Prices range from $200 to $800 depending on distance and workshop materials


Contact Claire for a great presentation tailored to your group’s choice!


After a February 2017 presentation to the Cape St Clair Garden Club about pollinators, one of the audience members sent me an email: "Thank you for giving us such a fun, informative, and colorful talk! It inspired me to get out there and plant some bee-friendly plants".  


Baltimore Maryland

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Great Program on Decorating The White House

Salli Ward from Baltimore, MD - 02/14/2017 08:58:45

It was a real pleasure to have Claire Jones share her "behind the scenes" adventures decorating the White House for Christmas. The members of the Women's Club of Roland Park were delighted with what Claire had to share.
Claire is a fun and informative speaker with lots of charm and knowledge.

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Stacey Wildberger from Annapolis MD - 02/08/2017 21:31:31

Claire's presentation on pollinators was informative and fun. She is very knowledgable and gave some great tips for attracting pollinators and beneficial bugs. Loved the mason bee info! So many positive comments from members of our garden club! Highly recommend the provocative Sex in the Garden Talk. You are never learn too old to learn about the birds and bees!!

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Informative and fun

Audrey from Annapolis - 02/08/2017 20:46:54

Claire is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and fun. She gives great advice about attracting and supporting pollinators in the garden. She encourages audience participation naming plants and critters and has lots of fun giveaways. Everyone in our Garden Club enjoyed her talk and learned a lot!